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Complicated 1979 Implants Removal and Replacement Due to Rupture - Beverly Hills, CA

I loved my natural looking silicone breast implants from 1979, but in 2005, a doctor squeezed one of them to check the "scar tissue" and ruptured it and the scar tissue. It continued to morph over the years, hardening and changing shape and causing needle sensations and discomfort. Normally, scar tissue keeps implants from leaving the site. Dr. Katzen did an amazing job of removing them both,... READ MORE

Eyebrow HAIR Transplant Worth It!! Los Angeles, CA

I had literally no eyebrows left from early years of plucking and probably hormones as well. I was drawing them on, but often they would smudge or just wipe off or I'd have shiny eyebrows in pictures. Dr. Dauer takes a small strip from the back of your head that is hidden so the scar and hair loss is minimal. (However, I wonder, since I don't have much hair as it is, how the new laser... READ MORE

Incision and Stitches Make a HUGE Difference - Beverly Hills, CA

I had upper eyelid skin that made me look tired. When I was younger, I knew one day this day would come and I'd have to make the decision. I'm glad I took 10 years to do my research and observe others' work to find the right doctor. I was afraid of the hollowed look, too much fat taken out, and I was afraid of my eye shape changing to that rounded look, and I was afraid the stitches would be... READ MORE

IPL Worth It but Depends on Doc - Los Angeles, CA

I see on this site that photofacial and IPL are the same. I had 5 sessions of "photofacial" on my hands about 5 years ago for freckles and spots with NO results. This year I had only ONE treatment of "IPL" on my hands with wonderful results. The freckles and spots are completely gone and I have a nice even tone. The doc stated that it depends on how high the doc makes the setting on the... READ MORE

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Hi, I don't see the scar and I still can wear my hair in pigtails or up. I don't wear French braids, but I'm very happy with my procedure still. It's still a good question to ask the doctors regarding your concerns, but I've had no... READ COMMENT

Hi Beth, I don't have pictures, but I do have the pictures of the implant ruptures once he took them out of me, but they are very gruesome. I did get basically the same look size wise because I was happy with my previous breasts and... READ COMMENT

They are still fabulous and am so HAPPY!! Love them still and think everyday when I put makeup on, how happy and satisiied I am with the results and that I did this! Good Luck! READ COMMENT

Yes, mine were gone from over plucking years ago and also hormones, as we age, we tend to lose the tail ends. Dr. says it hormones. I've never been happier with my choice, so happy! He also said hair transplants from the head are not... READ COMMENT

FYI, I meant brow tamers. Also, you will have little scabs where he implants the brow hairs for a little while. READ COMMENT