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Totally agree with you, Sweet321! Not one of these celebrities wants to admit they did this procedure, but Kim K put this out there on the show, so ppl know she got it done. READ COMMENT

Hi Mandee86: How are you? Has there been any improvement since your last post and have you tried any other procedures? Just been thinking about you and praying that things are getting better! Hope so! :) READ COMMENT

Ladies......I am so sorry for all of you that this has happened to! Thank you so much for informing the rest of us! You have SAVED me from this GOD awful procedure! I Heard Kim K got this done a little while ago. Already you can... READ COMMENT

Sounds like the doc wrote the above favorable review ....LOL ....or an employee not a real patient! JUST SAYIN...... READ COMMENT

Mandee86....you are still a beautiful young woman! People are not saying this to make you feel better....it is the truth. It is taking you a long time to heal....but you will heal....in GOD's time. Do what you can in the meantime... READ COMMENT