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I love how real self takes my comments down because I mentioned using this POS machine on a part of the MALE ANATOMY since its FDA cleared to use on any part of the body! Guess that was a no no. I know the rules RS so please don't... READ COMMENT

Sorry for any typos! READ COMMENT

All these f machines emitting heat to women's faces and destroying their beautiful faces and LIVES! The poor woman(s) that got thermage....Has melted her fat , changed and ruined her entire beautiful skin, has given her permanent... READ COMMENT

Talk about contradiction! ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE that this is happening and the FDA is doing NOTHING!! You can go blind, deaf, get crippled......and the FDA seems to do nothing unless someone dies! And even then they do nothing because... READ COMMENT

Kevans19, I am SO SO SORRY that you continue to deteriorate from this horrible machine 2 years later! When does it stop? EVER? There has to be some kind of compensation for all this agony that you and all the others have been... READ COMMENT