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First Peel - TCA 35% or Lower?

I've never had a chemical peel before. For the past few weeks, I've been using a product with 1% retinol. I have some discoloration and mild to moderate scarring from acne, as... READ MORE

Which is More Effective for Acne Scars: Affirm Multipulse or Lumenis Ultrapulse (Total FX?)?

I have moderate acne scarring. My doctor says that the Affirm Multipulse would be very effective..he of course has that particular laser. I've read good things about... READ MORE

Will Botox Between Eyes Work for Acne Scars Between CO2 Laser Treatments?

I have moderate acne scarring in the area between my eyes. Would Botox help make these scars less noticeable? I am looking for a good way to improve the appearance of the area... READ MORE

Any Drawbacks to Doing Subcision Followed by Filler Between Fractional Co2 Laser Treatments?

It's been several months since I've had fractional Co2 on my facial acne scars. Would it be ok to have subcision followed by fillers performed in the interim - between... READ MORE

Track Lines Still Visible Almost 6 Months After Frac. Co2 Laser. Permanent?

I had Affirm Smartskin fractional Co2 laser - full face - almost 6 months ago. The doctor went over the area between by eyes more aggressively than most of the rest of my face,... READ MORE

Sunken Appearance and Wrinkles Under Eyes After Fractional Co2 - Solutions?

I had full-face fractional Co2 laser treatment over 6 months ago. It was apparent after my skin healed that the area under my eyes had been adversely affected, and over 6... READ MORE

Large Pores, Redness, Acne Scars on Face - Most Effective Treatments?

I have large pores, redness and moderate acne scarring on my face. I had fractional Co2 laser last summer (aggressive - 1 week recovery), which did not produce noticeable... READ MORE

Large Pores, Broken Capillaries, Moderate Acne Scarring - Best Solutions?

I have large pores, redness (mostly broken capillaries, it seems) and moderate acne scarring on my face. I had fractional Co2 laser last summer (aggressive - 1 week recovery),... READ MORE

Recommendations for Rhinoplasty Specialist in Florida?

I've been researching rhinoplasty for a while. I have a small hump I'd like removed, and would like my nose to be shorter and a bit narrower. I'm looking for a... READ MORE

Juvederm for Acne Scars Left Skin with Bumpy Appearance - is This Common?

I had Juvederm injected in various areas of my face with the intention of making acne scars less noticeable. That was accomplished, but the trade-off was visible lumps - I find... READ MORE

Are 'Matrix RF' and 'E-Matrix' the Same Thing?

I see many mentions of Matrix RF on this site. I came here looking for information on e-Matrix, however I don't see very much information. Are these just different names for... READ MORE

Could a 35% TCA Peel Cause Botox or Filler to Break Down Faster?

I'm likely getting a 35% TCA peel soon (potentially multiple layers, on face), and would also like some Botox and filler in a couple of areas. If I get the injections done a... READ MORE

Florida Acne Scar Treatment Specialist? - have moderate scarring; some ice pick scars and what I believe to be rolling scars.

I'm located in south Florida and am looking for an experienced plastic surgeon or dermatologist that specializes in procedures to address acne scarring. I have moderate... READ MORE

Skin Medica TNS Essential Serum - Safe to Use Prior to and Post Chemical Peel?

I'm aware that you're supposed to stop using retinoids during the days leading up to a chemical peel, but am unsure if TNS Essential Serum by Skin Medica is safe to use during... READ MORE

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I've heard that IPL can help reduce filler, but I've also seen lots of reviews posted by people who experienced fat loss and a host of other issues due to I've been scared to go that route. READ COMMENT

Some people metabolize filler faster than others. Restylane, for example, lasts in me 2+ years. Please stop acting as though you are an expert on something you know little about. It is not helpful to anyone. She said that she was... READ COMMENT

Some dermatologists are more skilled at injecting filler than plastic surgeons. Seeing a ps is no guarantee that you'll get good results. READ COMMENT

It's important to keep in mind that even some board certified plastic surgeons do crappy work. It sounds like you lucked out. READ COMMENT

Try to remind yourself that they're strangers, you'll probably never see most of them again, and that their opinions don't matter. READ COMMENT