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You're not the only one unhappy with spending huge amounts on a bad procedure. Independent researchers are worried that smartlipo could be dangerous if a fat particle ends up elsewhere since there is nothing to dissolve it. They believe... READ COMMENT

I work in nursing and know so many people who are unhappy with smartlipo. They far overweight the high plus feedback which makes me suspect the company is using hidden marketing to pretend more patients are happy with the procedure... READ COMMENT

I was told my liposuction would be a breeze, and I'd be back to work within 4-5 days. After six weeks I still wasn't ready to get back to work. Extremely sore, zingers all day, aches, back ache and skin felt peeled all over. The... READ COMMENT

I had 3 sessions at almost $4000. Was NOT worth it. extremely painful and my skin got worse. The skin looked great after the first treatment but just kept getting worse and worse with each subsequent treatment. I was told 3 sessions... READ COMMENT