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Can Rhinoplasty Make my Nose Flatter?

Hello, the front of my nose is quite sharp. I was wondering if a nose job could make it flatter. The picture might help show what I mean. Thank you. READ MORE

How to Make Nose Tip Less Protruding?

Hello, I wondered if the tip of the nose could be made to be less protruding? Thank you. READ MORE

Tip-plasty with Hard Nose Tip After Rhinoplasty?

10 months ago, I had Rhinoplasty to remove a bump on my bridge, the tip of my nose is still very hard. I was wondering if this is normal? And I was thinking of having a... READ MORE

How Can Rhinoplasty Make Nose More Masculine?

Hello, I am a 20 year old male and I feel my nose is very feminine (photo on the left). I wondered if its possible to make the nose wider and and my nasal tip less pointy and... READ MORE

Bigger Chin and a Smaller Nose Possible?

Hello, I want to have a nasal tip deprojection and a chin augmentation to make my profile more balanced. I made a before and after photo to help illustrate what I want. In the... READ MORE

Post-rhinoplasty Scarring - Will the White Area on my Nose Go Away?

About 2 years ago i had a rhinoplasty but a small bump appeared during the healing process. 1 year later i had a revisional rhinoplasty to remove this, but now i have a white... READ MORE

Is the Skin on my Nose to Thin

Hello about 2 years ago i had a rhinoplasty to remove a bump on the bridge of my nose , during the healing process a small hard lump apeared on my nose which was removed with a... READ MORE

How Long Can a Hard Nasal Tip Last?

I had my first rhinoplasty about 2 and a half years ago, it was closed and was to get ride of a hump on my bridge a year after that i had a revision to a small hard lump that... READ MORE

Who is the Best Revision Rhnoplasty Surgeon in the UK?

Hello, iv had one closed rhinoplasty to remove a hump and one revision the remove a lump that formed whilst nose was healing, i was wondering who the best revision rhnoplasty... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Improve the Surface Texture of my Stretch Marks?

Is there a way to improve the surface texture of my stretch marks? my stretch marks were caused by weight gain, they are on my stomach, quite deep and have a bumpy texture, is... READ MORE

Side of Nose Has Collapsed After Revision Rhino, Is this Easy to Fix? (photo)

Hello, I have had one rhinoplasty and one revision, I think the side of my nose has collapsed, is this an easy problem to fix? photo of my nose shows my problem, red circle... READ MORE

Thin Skin After Rhinoplasty, Anything I Can Do To Thicken?

Ever since having a rhinoplasty my skin on my nose is extremely thin, is there anything i can do to make my skin thicker? thank you. READ MORE

Could my Nose Look Like This with a Chin Implant? (photo)

Hello i want to have a chin implant, i have photoshop a photo of myself, are these results possible? left photo is before and right photo is after READ MORE

Will my Chin Get Smaller After Swelling Subsides? I Like How It Looks Right Now.

I am one week post op and I really like the way my chin is looking from a profile. Could my chin from a profile become smaller due to subsidence of swelling? I really don't... READ MORE