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Breast Augmentation - Canberra, 01

I have had three types of surgery with Dr Tony Tonks. Lower bleph, BA & lipsocution of the inner knee. Three years on i'm very pleased with my results. The main reason being it all looks so natural. I can't remember in total what the cost was so i have only put the figure for the BA below. READ MORE

Juverderm Eye Bags (Tear Troughs) - Australia

I had Juverderm back in July for treatment of undereye circles but all it did was make them more prominent and gave me bags under my eyes. The doctor overfilled the area particularly on my left eye. I have been very unhappy with the results. Since then i have three injections of hyaluronidase the under last one was 4mls in each eye which i am told is a lot. This was ten days ago. I now... READ MORE

Questions from Philippa

New Generation threads?

There are many new generation facial threads that dissolve that have now come onto the market. I can see by the reviews that in previous years they have been less than... READ MORE

Swelling Perlane, will this dissipate as the product gets absorbed in the next six months or is it simply swelling?

I had 1.5mls of perlane injected into each of my cheeks. The strange thing is now under my eyes looks very puffy. The injection was 3 days ago. I am scared I was overfilled.... READ MORE

Is this swelling or filler? (photo)

I got perlane three days ago in my upper cheek. I now appear to have a bag. Is this most likely swelling or product displacement? Is there anything I can do? READ MORE

Am I candidate for abdominal liposuction or is 33 too old for skin to bounce back?

I'm 33 years old. I have no children. However I have recently lost 25 pounds and now weigh 118 pounds (I'm 5'4). I have PCOS and carry my wait around my stomach. Am I candidate... READ MORE

Hollow eyes after lower bleph. Would filler or fat be my best option? (Photo)

I am only 31 but I have hollow eyes due to lower bleph in my 20s. Is it better to treat this with filler or fat considering this is going to be an ongoing issue? It's really... READ MORE

Recent comments from Philippa

Hi, I'd be keen to see if you've had improvements. READ COMMENT

Hi, do you have any updates from this? I'm keen to hear if you got results. READ COMMENT

Consult is $250.00. I was given a general quote of 9k-14k for the surgey depending on the complexity. Theres then hospital fees and everything. It's not a cheap exercise. I agree regarding the right surgeon :-). I mean after all its... READ COMMENT

Hello Alexis, I am also having a consult with Dr Pincock. I'd be keen to hear what you think. I haven't found anything negative which is always a good sign. I only want to have tip refinement which is an issue if you get it wrog.... READ COMMENT

Thank you for posting your story. I have also lost 60 pounds and am 31 years old. I too have no children and there isn't much information for someone like me. This has helped greatly. I have some minimal skin issues and to me a full TT... READ COMMENT