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Dr. Maloney - My Fabulous, Effortless Full Facelift in Tucson


8 Mar 2017, Updated 6 months ago

Dr. Maloney's exceptional work absolutely blows me away. I am three weeks after my facelift and I truly can't believe I even went through a facelift. I had originally planned to use a different plastic surgeon but then I saw another Dr. Maloney patient ( a beautiful brunette woman who was in... READ MORE

Implant Removal & Fat Transfer - Charlotte, NC

Hi ladies, I can't believe I am going to post details about a PS procedure online! My story is a bit different from others I have read on this site as I am experiencing chronic joint pain/RA type symptoms I believe are related to my implants. I am hoping to have an implant removal plus capsulectomy (where they remove the scar tissue around the implant) PLUS a fat transfer. There are... READ MORE

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Thanks! I will look for them. READ COMMENT

Hi there. You are breathtaking! In fact, your lovely photos first tipped me off to Dr. Mahoney and Feb 13 I am having him do my facelift. I know this sounds like an odd question, but your lips and skin are lovely. I will probably have... READ COMMENT

You look wonderful! How did the results hold up? I am wondering whether to get a quick lift or standard FL. Thanks. Beth READ COMMENT

No, am sorry to say that my symptoms did not get better. The last time I was explanted, though, (I had silicone implants removed, got better within three years, and then had saline implants re-implanted and got worse again - stupid... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much for documenting your results. I think your tummy scar is already greatly improving. Congrats! I am like you in that I am a slender, toned person but I gained 75 pounds years ago with my first baby. I also have the... READ COMMENT