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Two Vials of Sculptra Injected to Gain Volume

Would feel more satisfied if I noticed major improvement, which justified the expense. I have yet to see that. I am majorly disappointed thus far.I had two vials of sculptra injected almost four weeks ago. What should be my realistic expectations? Can I expect a large gain in volume and when will it happen?? how long does it take? Does the quality of the skin really change, or is the change... READ MORE

Cartilage Graft Displacement

I had a revision rhinoplasty 6 months ago. As part of the revision, I had my bridge widened with a cartilage graft. Now, there is a bump on the top of the bridge, where the graft was placed. The surgeon feels certain that the bump is a result of the graft. (I was wearing sunglasses shortly after the surgery, and I am not sure whether this caused the cartilage to become displaced.) As a remedy,... READ MORE

Questions from kellyr

Which Filler Offers the Most Facial Volume?

Comparing milliliter for milliliter of volume achieved/treatment, which filler, including the use of fat, offers the greatest amount of volume for the face? READ MORE

Fat or Hyaluronic Acid for Lips and Hollowness Around Eyes?

The photos I have seen of people with fat injected to the upper/lower eyelids and lips look great. Fat transfer seems to make the lips look naturally plump and fills out the... READ MORE

How to Plump Face to Look Younger?

I had a rhinoplasty a couple of years ago. For about a year afterward, my face was swollen. My skin looked tighter and younger. Friends and family thought I looked ten years... READ MORE

How Many Vials of Sculptra to Obtain Results Like Initial Swelling?

I really liked the results I had attained from the swelling of my first session of Sculptra. But now, after three vials, I am still left waiting to see those same results. I... READ MORE

Sculptra - Different Results from Different Providers?

I Have Recieved Sculptra from Two Different Surgeons. With one, I see results in 3-4 weeks. With the other surgeon, however, the results are not evident until 5-6 weeks. Are... READ MORE