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I had Active FX in May 2008. The results were awful, just as you are describing. Rest assured it will all go away, or at least back to where you started, but you will probably need several IPLs, and the hydroquinine. My... READ COMMENT

Just about my whole face was done, excluding my nose and forehead, since I didn't have the hyperpigmentation there. It looked awful for about 5 days, and then it started to flake off and I could use minimal makeup to cover it. I've... READ COMMENT

Today is day 9 since the last IPL. The hyperpigmentation is barely there now. There are really just two light spots by the jawline, which are usually covered by my hair. The rest of my face looks great. I think I'm done with all of... READ COMMENT

I'm fine. I didn't mean my whole face turned brown, I meant the areas that were done. That's what is supposed to happen. The spot treated gets red, then brown and forms a very light crust and then flakles off in about 10 days. If... READ COMMENT

I had another IPL yesterday. I told my doc. to be very aggressive. When I got home I thought I had burnt because my face was so swollen and red. Later that night most of the swelling and redness disappeared, but I have so much... READ COMMENT