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Restylane Sub Q Hyaluronidase - Sweden

Tomorrow I will have hyaluronidase to break down the last part off resylane sub q. I really hope this will be a solution for me. Keep my fingers cross. I will update how it will goes. Thanks to Franny I have made my decision to steep forward with this. Clearly my body dont want restylane and it is now in a capsule. Hyaluronidase helped a lot. Not back to baseline but it has shrinked down my... READ MORE

Restylane Sub Q - Sweden

I did restylane Sub Q 13 m ago. I have not recover yet. It seems like my body build scar tissue around this filler. I only had a half syringe in each cheek and still look horrible. Worst on the left side. I thought I had a temporary filler in me but there is a lot left. People star at me and wonder wath have happened to my face. I really hope this will resolve. Terrible product!!!! 18 m.... READ MORE

Questions from Simba1234

Restylane Sub Q Swelling 11 Months Later

11 months ago I had restylane sub q in my cheeks. One half syringe in each cheek. Now it feels like I have a swelling spot that never will leave. Is it a damage on the lymph?... READ MORE

How to Address Scar Tissue Under Skin?

If you developed a scar tissue under the skin, what will the body do to heal this? Will there always be a swelling spot? Thanks READ MORE

When Do Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Leave the Body?

Is it proved that HA fillers leaves the body copletely? I still have some left after 11 m. I just want it to go away. READ MORE

BDDE in Restylane

Does the BDDE that is in restylane break down in the body? READ MORE

Juvederm and Restylane - Semi-permanent?

Why have web-sites in USA and UK begun to call restylane and juvederm semi-permanent? I thougt it was NOT permanent? READ MORE

Cross Linker in Ha Fillers (Juvederm/Restylane)?

Hallo. Can any doctor describe the crosslinker in restylane/juvederm. When the ha breaks down, does the crosslinker stay as a byprodukt? Mant thanks for your time and answers. READ MORE

Lower Bleph. Choosing a Surgeon in the US if I'm From Sweden?

Hallo! I am from Sweden and wants to peform lower bleph in USA. How will I find right information about a good ocular surgeon and is it possible to begin consultation by e-mail... READ MORE

Lower Bleph?

Hello! A technical question to all doctors. I am planning a lower blepharoplasty. I have hollows under the eyes and faint musklatur around the area. What technology is... READ MORE

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Hallo MBAgirl. I am from Sweden so sorry for wrong spelling word or grammar. ;) I have serched much info about the BDDE and found out the epoxy only can be broke down by aceton !!!!! But now I have found out that we produce aceton in... READ COMMENT

Hallo Katie... Good to hear you try to go on with your life even if it is really hard ( I know) Yes it is hard to understand why its still legal. I guess it is all about money just like in the unlegal drog world. Like you say it is like... READ COMMENT

I have tried it twice, it took away some of it but not all, it seems my body holds on it real hard and the residue is hard to trigger . But I would try the vitrase if I were you. Good luck ;) READ COMMENT

I have tried it twice but the residue of it is hard to trigger, it took away some of it and now I hope time will take care of the rest. READ COMMENT

That is a really LONG time....gosh. Me too still has restylane in my skin 3 and a half years, and it has sept under my eyes from the higher cheeks. Never never again ;( READ COMMENT