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Horrible Breast Lift Results

PS performed a full anchor BL, mind you I'm 5'5" ht., 111 lbs, don't have children was a b cup before BL and after and I don't have sun dammaged skin. NEVER mentioned it during the consultaion that I would be left horizontal scars, only said she was doing a vertical scar. Left breast now droops 4 months after procedure, which means she OBVIOUSLY undercorrected. A total... READ MORE

Questions from rnuch

No Nipple Erection After Breast Lift

Had bilateral breast lift in Dec. '09 (no implants). Have notice more hardened scar tissue at 12 o'clock in right breast which elicites no response to cold or touch, meaning no... READ MORE

What is the Best Option for a Breast Lift Revision?

I had a breast lift in Dec. '09 Not happy with the results. The left breast is already sagging. Left breast tissue not reshaped just excess skin removed, from what it appears.... READ MORE

Can Lejour Technique Be Done Under Local Anesthesia?

I need breast lift revision performed on one breast only. Can the Lejour technique be performed under local anesthesia in a doctor's office? READ MORE

Is Hypertrophic Scarring Possible After Plastic Surgery?

I've read that hypertrophic scars develop after surgery. But I believed hypertrophic scars would not develop after plastic surgery. I had an inverted-t mastopexy six months ago... READ MORE

Best Mastopexy Technique for Tubular Breasts?

Could anyone tell me which is the best mastopexy technique for B size tubular breasts when the patient does not want a lot of scars? READ MORE

How Long Will It Take for Breast Tissue to Settle After Breast Lift Revision?

Had revision breast lift in one breast & scar revision in 1/2011. 1st lift was performed 12/2009. First surgery left me quite asymmetrical. Right breast measured 21 cm from... READ MORE

How Does Kenalog Work? Does It Actually Destroy Collagen?

I developed hypertrophic inframammary scars from bilateral breast lift. Kenalog was injected a few times, but my scars did not respond to treatment as desired. My skin turned... READ MORE

Still Asymmetric After Lift Revision. What Should I Do?

Had breast lift revision in one breast 6 months ago because 1st lift done in 2009 left me 2 cmm uneven. I look even more asymmetric now. Revision PS says to wait 6 more months... READ MORE

Recent comments from rnuch

Hoping you are well, Abbynormal and that your expectations have been met! I'm hanging in there myself. I feel I'll need revision at some point later this year...again. I wish I'd known of Dr. Ahn 3 years ago :( I could have saved myself... READ COMMENT

My condolences. My 1st breast lift did not turn out as nicely either. A year after my lift I had to have it done all over again but by a much more talented PS. And, I made sure the whole world learned who was the untalented PS who... READ COMMENT

Hooray AbbyNormal! Our prayers for you have been answered! READ COMMENT

I don't mean to sound not supportive, but, I had a breast lift in 2009 and a revision in 2011 (no augmentation) and both surgeons emphatically stated the inframammary incision should lie in the crease. Any surgeon worth his/her weight... READ COMMENT

Your breast lift with augmentation results look ok, but I wouldn't give your surgeon high grades so soon. Why did he surgeon leave your inframammary scar approx. 2 inches above the crease? It looks like he didn't measure correctly. The... READ COMMENT