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A wiz with filler

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21 Mar 2017, Created 3 months ago

C. Carson Huynh, MD, DMD

5 out of 5 stars

A wiz with filler! I had a little unevenness in my jawline after getting a lift. The reason was: the last person who did my filler, a nurse practitioner, put the filler unevenly along my jawline and it was obvious when the skin was tighter. He fixed this with accuracy and recommended a little filler in my chin it creat more of a heart shaped jawline (he calls it a V shape) but it's essentially... READ MORE

He Promised Me 2" off and Took 4"- and That's a Week In! Under Promises and over Delivers. A MASTER

I've been looking for the right dr to do liposuction of abdomen, flanks, thighs for years. I've been on countless consultations, some I paid for even. Each time there was something I wasn't sure about...the office, the lack of enough photos, the cost being ridiculous (like we are in LA or something) or the Dr's bedside manner. It wasn't like I "hated" my body, quite the opposite, but I knew... READ MORE

42 and Ready to Address Lower Face/neck Laxity Because Fillers Aren't Doing It. Asheville, NC

I've been reading real self reviews for multiple procedures for some time. On my wish list: neck lift, breast lift, and waist lipo. I'm sure there will be more along the way as I intend to keep my beauty forever :) I found Dr. Harley and his Biltmore lift and finally knew I had found "the one" because his patients not only look better after his work, but they actually look a lot!... READ MORE

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