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Reviews by Bluesky

Worth It. Definite Improvement

I have a small area on my face with contour issues (bumps and valleys).  The restylane improved it. I also had my lips plumped a little. I love the improvement. Definitely noticeable and makes a nice difference. It was painful even with dental block and numbing cream. Maybe my dr... READ MORE

I Have Small Scars from Microdermabrasion

A doctor's office offered me a complimentary microdermabrasion. I'd always wanted to try it since I've heard good things. I am in my late 30's and have some fine wrinkles and a a couple of minor acne scars and a couple of places of rough texture but overall my skin looks quite good.I found the... READ MORE

Thrilled with my Lipo by Dr. Greg DeLange - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I was an athlete my whole life but despite a careful diet and frequent exercise I had a protruding belly. I was not fat but my belly was very disproportionate to the rest of my body which made buying clothes really difficult. I did not wear a bathing suit for 12 years because of my protruding... READ MORE

Questions from Bluesky

Is $4,200 for Ab Liposuction a Good Price?

I know price is not the first consideration but in this economy it is very important to me. I am just needing my abs Liposuctioned (mostly just lower abs but a small amount on... READ MORE

Problem sizing a compression garment when lipo on 2 areas?

I measure an XS in the waist and a 2XS in hips and thighs. I am having lipo soon of my abdomen/waist and also my outer, upper thighs. I tried my garment on in preparation and... READ MORE

Recent comments from Bluesky

Thank you for educating others that IPL and lasers do have real risks. Do your burn doctors think your chest skin will improve? READ COMMENT

Temp fillers do not last as long in the lips as they do in other areas. That is because the lips have so much movement and pressure applied to them daily. Most people feel Juvederm lasts longer than Resty but still it won't last as... READ COMMENT

Personally, I think the lips in the photos above look too big. But some of that is probably swelling. If 1/2 syringe gave those results, if I were her I'd save my money and not go through the pain and risk since her lips must be full... READ COMMENT

I think it may not be entirely the injector's fault. I consulted with several doctors and none of them felt Juve or another temporary filler could necessarily fill my acne scars. They said often the filler will create a donut affect... READ COMMENT

Sharon, I too live in West Palm and am considering lipo to my ab area. Would you please email me? I do not want to undergo surgery by the same doctor that has caused you the bad result. Thank you. READ COMMENT