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Thrilled with my Lipo by Dr. Greg DeLange - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I was an athlete my whole life but despite a careful diet and frequent exercise I had a protruding belly. I was not fat but my belly was very disproportionate to the rest of my body which made buying clothes really difficult. I did not wear a bathing suit for 12 years because of my protruding midsection. In my early 40's I also had developed small saddlebags on my outer thighs. I was scared... READ MORE

I Have Small Scars from Microdermabrasion

A doctor's office offered me a complimentary microdermabrasion. I'd always wanted to try it since I've heard good things. I am in my late 30's and have some fine wrinkles and a a couple of minor acne scars and a couple of places of rough texture but overall my skin looks quite good.I found the microderm a bit uncomfortable. The lady doing the microderm didn't stop talking and I felt like I had... READ MORE

Worth It. Definite Improvement

I have a small area on my face with contour issues (bumps and valleys).  The restylane improved it. I also had my lips plumped a little. I love the improvement. Definitely noticeable and makes a nice difference. It was painful even with dental block and numbing cream. Maybe my dr. is a little rough. I had injections once with less pain but it was a different filler so I... READ MORE

Questions from Bluesky

Is $4,200 for Ab Liposuction a Good Price?

I know price is not the first consideration but in this economy it is very important to me. I am just needing my abs Liposuctioned (mostly just lower abs but a small amount on... READ MORE

Problem sizing a compression garment when lipo on 2 areas?

I measure an XS in the waist and a 2XS in hips and thighs. I am having lipo soon of my abdomen/waist and also my outer, upper thighs. I tried my garment on in preparation and... READ MORE

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Yes, that's true. I'm nervous about the scars since I wear my hair back or up so often but at some point my desire for a tighter neck is going to be more important to me than the scars. READ COMMENT

I can't believe how great your morning after photo is. My problem is I wear my hair back and off my face so hiding the incisions may be a problem for me. My scars also do not fade to white for years. Thanks for sharing your photos. READ COMMENT

I would love to see a photo of what your scars/spots looked like after the 3rd peel. Thank you. READ COMMENT

I would love to see a photo of what your scars/spots looked like after the 3rd peel. Thank you. READ COMMENT

Thank you for warning people about this serious risk from cosmetic fillers. READ COMMENT