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Fat Grafting on Lower Eyelids and Rhinoplasty at the Same Time?

Is it possible to do neoplasty (rhinoplasty) surgery and Fat grafting to the lower eyelids at the same time?I've heard that your eyelids get swollen during and after the nose... READ MORE

Do You Know a Doctor Using IPL in Sweden?

I've had Fat grafting twice on my lower eyelids. The last procedure was two months ago. It did correct the hollowness, but I believe I have some broken blood vessels or... READ MORE

Alcohol After Fat Transfer or Grafting?

For how long after having a fat transfer/grafting to the lower eyelids must one wait before consuming alcohol? READ MORE

Hydroquinone Before and After Fat Grafting

I've been using hydroquinone under my eyelids to make them brighter. However, I'm considering to do a fat grafting to them as well for the hollowness. For how long before the... READ MORE

Hydroquinone Cream Turned Brown Still Useable?

I haven't used my hydroquinone cream in a while, and recently I noticed that it has turned brown. I think it was a lot more white when I bought it. Is it still usable?  READ MORE

Swelling and Redness After Vein Removal with Laser on Lower Eyelid

A few days ago i removed some veins from my lower eyelid with a laser. Im still a bit swollen and theres some redness. I was wondering if it would be safe to apply some mild... READ MORE

How Long to Wait for Rhinoplasty After Fat Grafting to Lower Eyelids?

After having done fat grafting to the lower eyelids, how long should one wait after having rhinoplasty? Would 2 months be ok? I've looked at recovery pictures from rhinoplasty,... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Swelling After Rhinoplasty

About 2 days after my rhinoplasty my upper eyelids started to swell. Now im 3 days and they are really swollen. I look like an alien. Should i be worried? READ MORE