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Asymmetrical Nasal Bones - Should I Trust my Primary Rhinoplasty Surgeon Again?

I am roughly 4 months after rhinoplasty. My issue is my nasal bones are assymetric. I am happy with the left side of my nose, however, it appears the ascending process of maxilla (correct me if I am wrong) on the right side of my nose is slightly impressed. It does not sit correctly to the nasal bone. This leaves the right side of my face with a slight indention in that area and a rather... READ MORE

Questions from noseperson

With Revision Rhinoplasty, What Credentials Really Matter?

Potential Doc directs a fellowship for AAFPRS. Does this necessarily make him good? READ MORE

I Really Want a Revision Rhinoplasty To Restore My Look To Before Primary Surgery, Is This Possible?

I got a reduction rhinoplasty 2.5 years ago. The doctor and I miscommunicated because I feel my nose was over-reduced leaving it thinner than any nose I have ever seen on a... READ MORE

Overly Narrowed Nose After Reduction Rhinoplasty, Could Fillers be a Good Option?

I recently posted a question regarding my overlynarrowed nose from a reduction rhinoplasty. I now posted a picture to help show my point. Would it be possible to experiment... READ MORE

Head Tension After Rhinoplasty?

I had a reduction rhinoplasty 2.5 years ago. Too much mass was taken from my nose. It has actually left me with a condition that causes tension in my forehead. The muscles... READ MORE

Injecting Diced Cartilage with a Syringe in the Form of a Permanent Filler Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I recently had juvaderm injections to augment my nasal bridge with satisfactory improvement. I was wondering about injecting diced cartilage in the same way. I have read... READ MORE

Is There a Rule of Thumb when Deciding Whether to Have Revision Rhinoplasty?

If you don't like your nose but others say it is fine is it wise to undergo surgery or should you leave it alone because odds of bad result go up with revision? READ MORE

Skin Thickening After Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I had my primary rhinoplasty 3 years ago. Have not been able to accept result. I was initally very happy with my result for 2 months following surgery (until swelling... READ MORE

Phantom Pain or Fibromyalgia As a Result of Male Rhinoplasty?

I had Rhinoplasty 3.5 years ago. My nose looks aesthetically accebtable. However, it feels like it was cut off, like a significant part of my face was removed. This has led to... READ MORE

What Can Be Accompished with Fascia?

I need fascia grafting to slightly augment my thin and small nose. My understanding is the doctor drapes fascia over the bones but what about the lower 3rd of nose? Can fascia... READ MORE

How Thick is Temporalis Fascia?

I was very happy with my nose for about 2 months after primary. Then swelling subsided and I found it too small and thin. My plan is to slightly augment fullness with fascia.... READ MORE

Does Facial Tension Restrict Blood Flow Like Smoking?

Hi, I have serious tension in my forehead and I am afraid it is going to cause aging of skin due to restricted blood flow in a similar manner to smoking. Is this possisble? Is... READ MORE

What are the alternatives to temporal fascia?

I am looking to having a revision soon and I think the best route (as identified by various doctors) is to add fascia to the bridge of my nose to slighly augment it and then... READ MORE

What do I need for my revision?

Hi I am not sure what I need for my revision. I have a weak chin so I had a surgery to make my nose smaller. Now I feel it is too small. I don't know if making it bigger is... READ MORE

Can crushed cartilage be used to mimic juvederm?

Hi, I recently had filler put in my nose in the tip, on the sides of the nose, and on top of the bridge. The result is a slight, hardly noticable to others, fullness to the... READ MORE

Can I improve breathing without breaking bones again in Revision rhinoplasty?

Hi, I had a primary rhino that decreased my breathing and sense of smell. I have been told by doctors that my nasal passage is narrow due to osteotomies, otherwise there is no... READ MORE

I feel my nose is too small after my primary, would like some opinions. (Photos)

Hi, I feel my nose is too small after my primary surgery 7 years ago. I was hoping to get over it but it is still bothering me. I felt may natural nose was too big, and my... READ MORE

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Can you provide a picture or email me a picture. I have found many happy reviews on this website of steven pearlman but only got a hold of 1 person out of all the reviews. Thanks. READ COMMENT

I went to Dr Constantinides over a year ago for a revision. I think he is ethical cause he said "I would not do your nose and I would not recommend anyone do your nose." I dont know if he is right or not but the fact that he turned... READ COMMENT

First thing I would do for you is get off fin and add dut instead. Its way better. But the best treatment available is RU58841. READ COMMENT

Finally a real review on this website regarding eisbach rather than posted gomself READ COMMENT

Strange he quoted me at 6 grand for a revision. I guess my revision was very minor though. READ COMMENT