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The both of them are something else: JW and Alix. I almost feel bad for Alix. She could be working with an honest, ethical doctor who helps people with her Physicians Assistant credentials but instead shes taking notes in a corner,... READ COMMENT

I just read the above review and a lot of what you talked about, I also experienced. It is so hard to even describe how strange that medical pracice of JW's is. I also had Alix standing in the corner, taking notes, making the... READ COMMENT

I'm sorry you had to go through this. I hope you can get this corrected and will be back to health soon. I wish there more stricter monitoring of cosmetic surgeons practices because it seems they have a lot of lee-way to do as they... READ COMMENT

I never thought Doctors could do things that were dishonest .. I guess in a way Im childlike, where I dont expect the worst, especially in Doctors. But I found out that even Doctors, will not always upold ethical standards of... READ COMMENT

Please be weary of this Doctor. I am 100% honest when I say I had very very poor results by the hands of this Doctor. READ COMMENT