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Stretch Marks on Skin Grafts?

If someone had skin grafting and the donor area has stretch marks, will the stretch marks come off as well, or are stretch marks deep deep down. I have stretch marks on my... READ MORE

Is There Any Stretch Mark Removal Expert in California?

I looking for stretch mark removal treatment and am interested in getting them cut off, either simple cut off of the skin and sewn together again, skin expanders, skin grafting... READ MORE

Botox for Forehead Lines on a 21 Year Old?

I am 21 years old, I scrunch my forehead a lot without knowing it and have lines now. Should I get Botox on it to relive the lines a little bit. Would it help it so they don't... READ MORE

Recommended Surgeon for Stretch Mark Removal in California?

I'm looking for Stretch mark removal treatment and I'm interested in getting them cut off, either simple cut off of the skin and sewn together again, skin expanders, skin... READ MORE

Will Breast Implants Make Stretch Marks Worse?

I was D cup, now am a small B cup. I only had stretch marks on the bottom of my breasts, and little on the sides. Later they shrunk and I got stretch marks on the inner breasts... READ MORE

Will Breast Augmentation Stretch the Areola Permanently?

Does a Breast Augmentation permanently stretch the areola and causing nipples to stay hard all the time. My boyfriend says all the Breast Augmentation he looked at looks the... READ MORE

Tattoo at the Back of Knee Excision?

I have a stretch mark on the back of my knee, so I got a tattoo to be over it. Now I want the tattoo to be excisioned out. Is this possible? It is around one inch long less the... READ MORE

Split-thickness Graft for Stretch Mark Removal?

If stretch marks tear all the way down to the dermis and shown of the epidermis.Then if the epidermis was shaved off would you still see the stretch marks? If a split-thickness... READ MORE

Dermatome for Stretch Mark Removal?

Stretch marks go as deep as dermis, and epidermis is what we see the marks on. I know that with split thickness shaving, they remove the epidermis and part of the dermis. Is it... READ MORE

Thigh Lift or TUG Flap Surgery to Remove Stretch Marks?

I have posted before for inner/outer of thigh stretch mark removal. I would like to do a something similar to thigh lift or tug flap. Although my scars would be smaller then... READ MORE

Old Stretch Marks Still Purple

The stretch marks on my inner thighs are about 9 years old and they are still purple. When I stand they are still purple but when I sit indian style there are white lines. Why... READ MORE

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Oh by the way what could have helped is maybe going a little smaller. However it still looks great READ COMMENT

I think they look great too! They drop so naturally which is great look if your looking for the natural side. Also its the same shape as your natural breast except bigger, and your naturals sit low to your chest too. I think you should... READ COMMENT