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Yippee! yes update me on personal email. i am so happy for you! LL22 READ COMMENT

Vickiesue, I sent a private email, I hope it hets to you. This over 50 girl is still having problems navigating this website! See my emial for details. You're the best! READ COMMENT

Rachel, Thanks for your concern. Yes, I am better, a few other health issues, but your advice is good...do lots of research! Thanks. READ COMMENT

Vickisue, Still trying to get to the bottom of things. I've been to many doctors.It is most likely related to TMJ of all things! Pretty bad, symptoms all over my head, neck and back. I've eliminated lots, but I am still... READ COMMENT

Hi vickiesue, Well, I spent Christmas morning and early this a.m. visiting the emergency room. I noticed a vein bulging on my neck and thought I was having a stroke or something. They found no evidence (checked my carotid to make... READ COMMENT