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Breast Aug - Saline Filled 350cc Implants and a Mini(Benelli) Lift.

7 months ago, I underwent Breast Augumentation with Saline filled 350cc Implants and a Mini(Benelli) Lift. I had a nipple insision, I went from an A cup to a D cup. My nipples were also reduced alot in size, My before and afters show a drastic difference. I Love my Breasts now I couldn't be happier with the exception of my 2 concerns. I'm assuming that it's because I need a... READ MORE

Questions from LuluMyLu

Breast Revision with Internal Bra and Lollipop Lift, I Want to Go Down a Cup Size, Would It Look Strange to Go Smaller? (Photos)

I have 300cc saline filled to 350L/375r, Moderate, 34D/DD. 5'6, 128lbs I want to down size to a Mid to Full C! I feel very top heavy. I'm having an internal bra with a... READ MORE

Opinions on Downsizing My Implants. Having Trouble With Bottoming Out, And Other Issues

I'm currently 350&375 cc Saline w/a Benelli. 34D/DD. 5'6, 126lbs. Complications I'm having are Bottoming out,Double bubble, Excess skin ,Too large ,Stretched... READ MORE

What are the Best Non-Surgical Anti aging options to improve thickness, elasticity and collagen?

I'm 27 and my skin has drastically aged in a very short period of 1 year due to chronic stress and sleep deprivation. My face was very youthful before then and didn't have any... READ MORE

Can collagen be restored with lifestyle changes?

I'm 27, until last year most people guessed my age was 21-23, after a very stressful year and extreme sleep deprivation, I aged dramatically to a point most guess 30. My skin... READ MORE

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Personally i think you got phenomenal results! your scarring is minimal and the breasts look breast. congrats and kudos to your doctor! READ COMMENT

Ouch, i've been seeing a lot of bad reviews on this surgeon.. READ COMMENT

Hey Angie!! Thank You very much for your response. I'm somewhat small framed, but not very petite, I'm 5'6 and 128lbs, I gained 10 lbs after surgery to balance out my large implants and I'm eager to drop the weight after downsizing.... READ COMMENT

I got mine done in Vienna also, was it Dr.Widder? I had a complicated surgery and they look good, except i'm depressed about having no nipple sensation :( READ COMMENT

I'm having a similar problem...I think I might actually need a second surgery and if so I will wait atleast another 5 months to do so, I dont want to be a plastic surgery junkie. READ COMMENT