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Have I Had Too Many Nose Jobs?

I had 2 previous nose jobs when I was 18 and again at 20 I am now 37 and would like to shorten the tip of my nose but it seems the previous doctors left a hole between the... READ MORE

Results, Recovery, Incisions from Mini Facelift: What to Expect?

What do you think of the lifestyle lift or, for that matter, any minilift, if a person does not require a complete facelift? Is it lasting, and where are the incisions made?... READ MORE

Will Artefill Migrate and Move to Other Areas?

If I have Artefill injected into my nasal folds, can you tell me if Artefill will move anywhere throughout the body or is it permanently stablized in the nasal folds? I am... READ MORE

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Dear Carmen is your LSL STILL holding up? Thanks READ COMMENT

Dear Eilleen, I just had my eyebrows done for the first time yesterday and I think they came out too dark. The tattoo lady said that it would form a crust in 5 days and would peel off and become lighter. Do you know this to be true? ... READ COMMENT

Forget radiesse....too many say it doesn't last. What about Artefill..I hear it is the best.. anyone out there tried it yet? READ COMMENT

I too, think your before and after photos look great.. what exactly is it that you see that I don't. Hope you have a more recent photo cause the one you show is really very good. READ COMMENT

Dear franvineyard.. It was welcoming to hear from someone who had a positive experience with LSL. I would like you to be as honest with me as possible. If you had it to do again, would you???? Many thanks for your anser READ COMMENT