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Anesthesia Reaction Liposuction Chest - Illinois

I had chest liposuction (gynocemastia correction) one week ago. I was placed under general anesthesia for 2.5 hrs during the procedure, and after which awoke natrually. The surgeon then discovered a unilateral hemotoma, and I was placed under twilight anesthesia 5 hrs later for a 30 min procedure to cauterize the bleeding and stop the hematoma. The surgeries were successful and I was... READ MORE

Tumescent Lipo Laser Assisted - Chicago

I had laser lipo with tumescent 2 weeks ago and am still recovering. I'm a 27 healthy male, very active and fit, workout 6x a week cardio/weight training and very healthy diet (no trans fat, high protein, low carb). I was fat in high school (5'8 & 215) but since lost it all, except for some stubborn fat on the abdomen. Thus, I got tumescent based laser lipo. Post surgery... READ MORE

Questions from socovostok

Ultrasound or Laser Liposuction for Love Handles on Men?

I'm looking into love handles Liposuction, and as a male, I'm wondering if Ultrasound or Laser Liposuction makes a difference in the final result. Is one necessarily better... READ MORE

Gynecomastia Surgeon Recommendations in Chicago

Gynecomastia Surgeon in Chicago. Any recommendations for a board certified surgeon in gynecomastia surgery in the Chicago area? Many Thanks. READ MORE

Gynocamestia Surgeon Los Angeles

I am looking for a surgeon for gynecomastia surgery in the los angeles area. Anyone have recommendations for good surgeons in LA? I'm a healthy 28 yr old male 5'10 160,... READ MORE

How Do I Tell The Difference Between Scar Tissue Or Left Over Fat After Gynecomastia Correction?

I had gynecomastia corrction (lipo + excision) 7 weeks ago and am still very puffy. Is this scar tissue or left over glandular/fat the PS dodn't remove, as I'm far from... READ MORE

Can a Compression Vest for Chest Cause Spinal/back Damage?

I had gynecomastia surgery and have been wearing a compression vest as required post op. However, I've noticed my back and neck start to ache after wearing the vest... READ MORE

Male Donut Lift to Treat Excess Skin Weight Lifting After Surgery?

I had a donut lift to correct my gynecomastia excess skin. The surgeon used both internal and external dissolvable scars. I am curious when can I start lifting weights on my... READ MORE

Scar Tissue Release in Revision Gynecomastia Surgery? (photo)

I had revision gynecomastia surgery 8 weeks ago. As part of the surgery, the surgeon released the scar tissue on the left chest that was very hard prior to surgery. Post... READ MORE

Scar Tissue Inflammation 1 Yr Post Op?

I am 1 yr post op gynecomastia surgery. I had some scar tissue post op that I have been massaging constantly since 3 mos post surgery. 2 weeks ago I went to see a physical... READ MORE

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Picking the right plastic surgeon is very difficult..I've had a lot of experience with this and employ a very strict approach to selecting the right surgeon..please send me a private msg for furher discussion. thx READ COMMENT

Hi Dr- I'm about 3 months post recovery and while am pleased with my results, the bottom part of my stomach still feels a little spongy (below the belly button) The upper abs are all very tight. I saw my PS, who upon inspecting the... READ COMMENT

Thanks Dr. A friend of mine who's also a PS advised me to take a rolling pin for dough and massage my stomach lightly daily for 30 mins for about 2-4 weeks post surgery. Do you recommend this type of massage to free up the bumps? ... READ COMMENT