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Has Anyone Found Anything to Help with the Destruction of Skin After Fractional Laser - Portland, ME

I have posted here before. I had Pearl Fractional done over 3 years ago and my skin has progressively (very fast for the past 2 years) become worse. Lines all over my upper lip and the chin area. Pin marks from the laser mostly on my chin and upper lip. You can still see the grid pattern on my... READ MORE

Consultation only: Glad I Had Nothing Done! - Paramus, NJ

Wow, I went to see him about a laser procedure that went wrong with another doctor to get his advice (since he has the same laser in his office) and he took one look at me and said I can't help you. I am so glad that I didn't have anything done! I just saw him on GMA-he was sued by a woman... READ MORE

Dry, Rough Skin Around Eyes After Hetter Peel - New Jersey

Hi, A little over 3 weeks ago, I had a Hetter peel done around my eyes. I now have very rough dry skin (extremely tiny, tiny bumps) on the top and underneath of my eyes and I am so afraid it won't heal. Has anyone else suffered from this. If so, what did you use to help correct this? I used... READ MORE

Questions from k2014

Pearl Fractional done 4 years ago. Why have I got pinmarks and lines around mouth, upper lip/chin area?

The dots formed lines all around my mouth area. The doctor does not take any blame at all. She turned up the laser around my mouth and did 4 swipes. Why would she be so... READ MORE

Are there any doctor in the NJ, NY, PA area that is very good at doing strong peels?

I have been scared by a fractional laser on my chin and upper lip area. I have tried retin a and I would like to speak with an expert on strong chemical peels. READ MORE

How to hydrate my skin after Pearl Fractional?

I had Pearl Fractional done about 3.5 years ago and now my skin is completely dry and the texture is all wrinkly and weird. What is the best way to get moisture into my skin? READ MORE

Repairing my skin with Sciton Dual Erbium laser. Am I taking a risk having a laser used on my face again?

If there is a laser MD out there who can answer my question, PLEASE do so. 4 years ago, my skin was damaged by the Cutera Pearl Fractional laser. Holes, lines, fat loss-a mess.... READ MORE

Deep chemical peel after laser holes.

Hello, Is there a doctor on the east coast that has done a deep peel to help with laser damage. I have tiny holes all over my chin area that have connected and formed lines.... READ MORE

Has anyone heard of cold laser therapy? Does anyone know of a doctor that offers this?

Has anyone heard of cold laser therapy? I have been reading about it and supposedly it can help with hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, scars, etc? Does anyone know of a doctor that... READ MORE

How do I know if I actually got a Hetter Peel?

I paid $3500 for a Hetter peel on my face, but think I only got a Hetter peel on eyes and TCA on face. The area around my eyes are very red and sore . The dermatologist... READ MORE

I have a question for a Doc that does Hetter peels. I don't believe I got a full face Hetter peel.

I had a Hetter peel 2 weeks ago. I paid 3500 for a Hetter peel. I only peeled around my eyes. My forehead became bright red, but no peeling. My cheek area didn't change at all,... READ MORE

Are bumpy, rough patches around eyes normal after Hetter Peel?

Hello, I had a Hetter peel done around my eyes almost 3.5 weeks ago and I am experiencing extremely rough, bumpy, dry skin. The derm keeps telling me to moisturize with my... READ MORE

A few questions about a Hetter peel. How long do I have to wait to have the rest of my face done?

Charged for a full face Hetter peel ($3500) and derm only did it on my eyes. Did a light peel on the rest of my face. Derm told me I could come back in a few months to have the... READ MORE

I have dry skin after Hetter peel under eyes. Will this go away?

I had a Hetter peel around my eyes 6 weeks ago. I have a very weird texture under my eyes. It looks like flaky skin, but it doesn't flake off. It looks like little flakes of... READ MORE

Is it normal to have sandpaper texture after Hetter peel?

Hello, I have reached out once before about this issue, but not receiving much help. I had a Hetter peel done on my eye area seven weeks ago. I have a weird texture to my skin,... READ MORE

What to do about rough, odd texture skin around eyes after chemical peel?

Had a Hetter peel by board certified derm about 4 months ago. Left me w/bumpy, rough texture around my eyes. Still very red. Doc said normal, not to worry. Has known about this... READ MORE

Looking for a facial plastic surgeon in MA who is proficient at fat transfers. Any suggestions?

I have read many times that if a plastic surgeon is good at performing fat transfers, the fat will stay and look good. Are there any doctors in MA that have been doing fat... READ MORE

Why am I still red almost 9 months after chemical peel?

I had a Hetter peel done around my eyes 9 months ago and I am still red plus I have an odd texture to my skin. The doctor has told me I need to give it time to heal. He says... READ MORE

Discussions started by k2014

Can someone please recommend a doctor in the NJ, NY, PA area that could help me. I have been damaged by a pro fractional laser.

About 3.5 years ago I had Pearl Fractional performed by someone who obviously had no idea what they were doing. I am left with pin marks, lines, fat loss and orange peel on my... READ MORE

How long was everone after their peel?

Hi,I had a Hetter peel (Bakers Gordon) done around my eyes (under and lids) almost 9 months ago and I am still red. I also have roughness on the skin in those... READ MORE

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Have u had this done? if so, did u do the peels yourself? how bad was/is your laser damage? READ COMMENT

Mandy, The had very nice skin and just wanted a to freshen my skin. The ass of a doctor (Susan Baskin in ME) said that if she turned it up, it would make my face look great. She did just the opposite!!! She ruined my skin. I cry... READ COMMENT

Hi, My story is complicated. I paid for the whole face, but he only did the forehead and eyes. He is a lousy doctor. The skin around my eyes is more firm, but I have complications. I am still red after 15 months and I now have a... READ COMMENT