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I agree with you. This "doctor" should not have distinguished status. He only wanted the quick easy payer with no complications and couldn't handle the "what if" scenario. This girl has suffered and he took all of her money. The... READ COMMENT

Hello again. You might consider going to the local medical board with this. I think someone should know what this guy has done to you and they may be able to help you with low cost or no cost surgeons who can either write off their... READ COMMENT

Dear Friend, I am so horribly sorry to see this. You need to see a malpractice attorney immediately. He or she will separate you from this despicable "doctor" immediately and get all of your medical records. Don't sound the alarm by... READ COMMENT

I was particularly interested in having my arms done after looking into the mini-lift, which I know is a lot of down time. But, your story convinced me that I am just going to keep my flabby arms. I am so sorry for your experience but... READ COMMENT