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Athlete Seeks Opinions on Healing Time for 2nd Corrective Procedure

I had an initial submuscular breast augmentation in May. Although I did everything I was supposed to do, the right breast formed a capsule within a month. At the beginning of October, once all the tissues healed/stopped growing, I had corrective surgery, during which the implant was also replaced. I had a drainage tube for approximately 1 1/2 weeks. Because the entire pocket was encapsulated READ MORE

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Rippling is a common occurence with saline implants--I'm not sure about silicone. I have it too on the sides if I bend over a certain way. Even if yours are submuscular, this is happening because of the decrease in fatty tissue in the... READ COMMENT

Looks like I'm scheduled for 1/7. He is indeed going to use three deep sutures, and will be removing a section of skin to get rid of the 1.5 cm difference b/t bottom crease and nipple. The new scar--which will be placed in the... READ COMMENT

I got the impression my surgeon wants to raise the bottom of the pocket back up by stitching it closed by however much is needed to even it up with the left. I was worried about the strength of stitches vs. sutures. Did you say it would... READ COMMENT

From my personal experience, your left breast looks to be encapsulated. That it feels harder is an indication of this too. Like you, I experienced this shortly into my procedure even though I did everything I was supposed to do and... READ COMMENT