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Lower Face Lift

9 Mar 2017, Created 2 months ago

Jacob D. Steiger, MD

4 out of 5 stars

Today I got flowers from Dr. Steiger's office with the wishing speedy recovery. This is a nice touch, no question. I had my surgery on Thursday, March 2. I have selected dr. Steiger based on the fact that his specialty is head and neck. He is a pleasant fellow, and does very good job injecting me with Botox for the last five years. Today is day 7 after the surgery. I am very swollen and my... READ MORE

Treatment Review

Neck and facelift with fat transfer at 62.

Lower Face Lift

9 Mar 2017, Updated 19 days ago

Hi ladies, it has been a while from my last update.. I am patiently waiting for my smile to come back. This Thursday will 10 weeks. In general, I look nice.. However, the swelling, the bruising , the uneven smile is still there.. Sometimes it looks a little better, and another day it does not..... READ MORE

61 Years Old, Finally Have Done It! - Miami, FL

Hello everyone. I feel it is my responsibly to write this review, and help others to make such important decision, even after 55, to go thru an elective surgery, just for mare reason, as to look better. If it was not for this site I don't think I would have done it! So, this is my small contribution :-). It all started years ago. Even though never had big chest, it always pointed down. Well,... READ MORE

Questions from Galochka

I am 60 years old. Should I have breast reduction and neck lift done by two doctors at the same time?

I am 60 years old. Should I have breast reduction and neck lift done by two doctors at the same time? Is recovery difficult? Is it too much to put my body through? Will I be... READ MORE

What is most effective for BR?

As I am educating myself on BR procedure, it seems that lollipop cannot achieve the same result as the anchor type procedure for BR. I am 36DDD and would like to be a C, and... READ MORE

7 weeks PO after Breast Reduction. Redness, pale of areola. Should I be concerned?

Hello. I had a breast reduction over seven weeks ago. The bottom part of my left breast has redness. the areola on my left breast is pale, almost yellowish. I still experience... READ MORE

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Hi dear friend! Great to hear from you! Yes, I think it is a lot about jealousy! Not only jealousy about the financial side of it, I think it is also, about not having the courage. I think it is both... I am not 100% sure I did the... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much for this information! I read a lot about crooked smile but people don't provide update to what happened... Oh boy! 3 years and still not completely corrected itself?!!! This is what I am so afraid of!! I would never... READ COMMENT

Hi Amy, thank you for encouraging words.. I had electric shock therapy twice, what weird sensation .. I think a little change in the left corner.. Not sure... Keeping my fingers crossed and waiting for and improvement.. Thank you again! READ COMMENT

Hi my my friend, this is your partner in crime (lol)! I think you look wonderful!! I am not just saying it! I mean it! Absolutely wonderful! P.S. I still have uneven smile, 7 weeks postop. READ COMMENT

Thank you so much for encouragement! It is getting a little better , I think.. But so slow.. Very hard recovery!! Hope you feeling better , my friend.. Hugs! READ COMMENT