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Don't Do This, I Had Perm Filler in Lips and It Ruined Them - Newport Beach, CA

It is not acceptable by most doctors to inject silicone into an area of the face! It moves! I had it done to my lips, and the results were bad. After a few years, the silicone micro droplets moved south, gravity always wins. Some of them got infected, say, when I had a cold, then I would have to go and get heavy duty antibiotics to make them cool down. But the worst was that the granules grew,... READ MORE

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Hello, yes I had a meeting with two PS. REGARDING FAT INJECTIONS. don't do it! Way too much harvesting and pain for results that are "guesswork." The fat they inject has to be 70 percent greater than the final result. So you are a... READ COMMENT

Oops so sorry I am seeing this too late. But I did not have any filler or fat in lips after lift. However, I would like to. But my doc said he wanted me to see the real deal. Then I could get fillers. He warned me not to get too much... READ COMMENT

I mean are you getting too thin? When I do, it shows up,in my cheek area. READ COMMENT

Are you losing weight? Are you getting fresh air? Taking vitamins and drinking a lot of water? Seeing a dietician and a counselor will help, as I can see this is very sad for you. You can take charge of this and you will get better!... READ COMMENT

Hi just a note, I had a lip lift and it was the beys and easiest surgery ever. Made a big difference! READ COMMENT