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Botox at 29 for Wrinkle Prevention and Beginning of Crows Feet- Def Worth It! - Alberta, Canada

I was getting a little concerned with the beginning signs of aging so about a year ago I started getting peels, microderm, IPL's, monthly 2 and a half hour facials and wearing sunscreen everyday on my face and neck. Although this all helped how clear my skin but those crows feet that appeared when I smiled just kept getting more noticeable and fine lines were starting to develop because of... READ MORE

Invisalign Gave Me the Smile I Always Wanted... in Less then a Year! :)

Pro's: Not noticable, relatively painless, excellent results.Con's: Annoying having to remove the aligners everytime you eat, A little bit of a lisp when first started.My teeth by my two front teeth were pushed out by my wisdom teeth giving my two front teeth a larger appearance. Also, I had a crooked tooth in my bottom teeth. I was so self concious everytime I laughed or spoke... when I read... READ MORE

Questions from kristyab

Should I Have Breast Augmentration Before or After Kids?

I am 28 years old and am getting married in 5 months. I want to look my best for the wedding and wanted to get them 2 months before. But I plan on having kids in maybe 2 years... READ MORE

My Septum is Not Straight... What Procedure Can Fix This? Would I Need a Nose Job?

I noticed over the last 5 years my septum has kind of shifted and now my nose isn't symmetrical. How can I fix this? Would this cost as much as a full nose job? I don't... READ MORE

Would a Chemical Peel Help "Haggard" Look?

I am starting to feel like my face is getting a little "haggard" looking... some light brown spots, etc. By looking at my picture what can I do to reverse this before... READ MORE

Photorejuvenation and Restylane for 28 Year Old Looking Tired?

I am looking a little tired lately and have been noticing some fine lines/ age spots starting to appear. My dermatologist recommended a photofacial but I wanted something that... READ MORE

Botox at 29 As a Preventative Measure?

I just had a consult with a dermatologist because I am starting to develop some discoloration, fine lines around my eyes and crows feet when I smile. He suggested that I have a... READ MORE

Not Sure if I Am Supposed to Get Arm Lipo or an Arm Lift? Pictures Included.

I am 30 yrs old,124 pds/size 2-4 but my arms seem super flabby and out of proportion with my body. I was obese when I was a child and ever since it seems I have carried excess... READ MORE

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I never had that problem with mine. Do you take them out many times a day? I tried to plan larger meals and snack less so I wouldnt have to pop them out everytime... I have a friend who takes them out up to 10 times a day and she is... READ COMMENT