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After Reading Reviews, I Feel Kind of Worried... - Washington

The first time I got botox (2 years ago) my doc only gave me 5 units per eye. About 6 months ago, I got it done again, and he gave me 5 on one side and a little more on the other. 2 weeks ago, I went in and he gave me 10 on each side. After reading reviews, I feel like he gave me too much, as my "crows feet" are only present when I smile, but they are not very deep at all. Even... READ MORE

Juvederm in Nasolabial Folds & Cheeks - Not As Painful As I Anticipated

I had been thinking about getting fillers in my nasolabial folds for a while now, and after doing a lot of research and trying to weigh out the pro's and cons, I decided to go for it. During my consultation the doctor suggested I get a bit of filler in my cheeks as well.So far I am quite happy with my results. Its only been about an hour and a half since I got READ MORE

Questions from Kandie

Should I Massage my Cheeks After Juvederm?

Just got juvederm voluma injected into cheeks. Been about 12 hrs. Quite a bit more bruising on 1 side than the other. I can feel the juvederm under the 1 cheek. Should I... READ MORE

Is 10 Units of Botox Per Side Too Much for Crows Feet?

I am in my early thirties and I do not get regular botox. I don't have any lines around my eyes at all unless I smile. The first time I got botox was 2 years ago and the... READ MORE

When Should Numbing from Topical Cream Dissipate?

It's been 4 and a half hours since I had juvederm injections in my lips for the first time. The doctor didn't do a dental block and only used numbing cream on my lips... READ MORE

Options for Raising Nasal Bridge Slightly?

I have been thinking about getting nose surgery to elevate the bridge of my nose slightly. I am not looking for a significant change, as my nose is fairly staight, small and... READ MORE

Bruising After Seeing a Dentist?

I went in for 2 fillings on my bottom right side. When I got home, I had a purple bruise on the upper right side of my cheek. Is this normal? I am still frozen so I cant tell... READ MORE

Recent comments from Kandie

Hi, I had juvederm in my cheeks once(recommended by my doc when I went in wanting to fill in my nasofolds for the first time),and I don't think i will do it again. It wasn't terrible, but I wasn't crazy about the "puffy" look that I... READ COMMENT

Yes, a bit of bruising showed up the second nite, but it was really little that I could easily cover up with make up. Right now those new little bruises that showed up by my laugh lines are completely gone, however the one on my cheek... READ COMMENT