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Upper Bleph with Dr. David Harley Extended Healing and Journey of Ups and Downs!

This is a journey with a lot of ups and downs. Currently waiting for a few issues to resolve. I promised many a separate review for this separate procedure that is often in tandem with Biltmore Lift. I will post about what I have experienced, what has resolved (hopefully!!) and all the feelings and correspondence with Dr. H along the way. Things that have improved, I will update and things I... READ MORE

Biocorneum on Blepharoplasty Incisions....AMAZING!!!

I have incision lines by my eyes from my bleph. They extended out way further than I was expecting, but no worries.... this stuff has not only faded them into near-nonexistence, it has protected them from this hot, Florida sun. Be mindful around your hairline because it can make your hair look oily, but it is VERY effective and not greasy on the skin. It is so thick, it does the job and I... READ MORE

Doctor Review

Consultation Review: Talented, attentive and has a great portfolio!

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4 Apr 2017, Updated 3 months ago

Kyle Shaddix, MD

5 out of 5 stars

I visited Dr. Shaddix for a facelift/necklift consultation. While I ended up choosing to travel, Dr. Shaddix is a saint. His work's beautiful, he spent an hour speaking with me (very rare!) He had the bedside manner of an old friend, but his work is amazing. I would not hesitate to see him for future procedures. I just could not resist the travel! READ MORE

42, MWL, Lower Facelift and Necklift. Taking the Plunge to Become a Harley Honey w/Biltmore Lift!

I had quite a few consults and did not want to travel, but Dr. Harley's work and bedside manner just made me take the plunge. He is the sweetest and most personable doctor and his work speaks for itself. I had 4 consults and he was my choice. I am starting to jowl and get the turkey gobbler. NOPE! I am not going down like that. I have a younger husband and am not ready to head into his midlife... READ MORE

41-year-old Ready for Better Nose and Better Breathing!

Went in for consultation with Dr. Jack Kotlarz a few days ago. Like other reviewers have noticed, he is direct and does not sugarcoat what is needed. I told him about my issues with sinus blockage, congestion and also my unhappiness with my large nose and projection and he cut right to the chase. He told me it was going to be all about the balance between aesthetic and functionality. He said... READ MORE

Breast Lift and Implant Revision, 41-years-old. Post MWL, Skin Quality Issues, out of Town Traveling to - Miami, FL

Dr. Freiman did my Mommy Makeover last June. From the onset, my asymmetry was obvious. However, Dr. Frieman was conservative and thoughtful. He allowed me a year to heal and settle. After contacting him that the asymmetry was still severe, he stood behind his work and is revising the breast lift for free. I am paying extra to get bigger implants now that my chest is stretched from previous... READ MORE

40-years Old 120 Lb Weight Loss, 5 Children Later/Time for an Overhaul - Miami, FL

I have lost a lot of weight and still want to lose around 20 lbs. I am 5'7 3/4 and 185 lbs. I look good at 165 and don't want to have more loose skin so this is my stop point. I am currently a 33 waist and 38 C but only because of the sags. I would be a B cup if they were lifted according to 2 consultations. Not sure how big I will go but would like to have my DD back. Nursing 5 children and... READ MORE

Consultation Only - still awaiting procedure

I booked a consultation with Dr. Bolling for my mother and self. I planned to get a facelift for my mother for her birthday. While I was in there, I asked him about his fillers and rates and he told me if I was going to continue to get Juvaderm I would be money ahead to get a fat transfer. He looked me over and told me it would be $1800 but I would have to wait until around May or June when my... READ MORE

Questions from fortycankissit

Is this just temp swelling difference or will it get worse? (photos)

I don't want to wait 3 months to see if it is obviously a problem now. I would have to travel twice, pay transportation again and all because he didn't listen to me in the... READ MORE

Already had Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift/Massive Weight Loss/Buttocks and Thigh procedures. Any suggestion? (photo)

I have had 5 children and lost over 120 lbs. I have some loose skin on inner thighs but nothing like what I have seen on some people. My butt and back of thighs however look... READ MORE

Will a Brazilian Butt Lift help this? (photos)

I have a flat, shapeless and dimpled butt. I know a body lift would be good but I don't want to lose my curves. READ MORE

My breasts look odd, uneven and squarish on the sides but round on bottom. Will this resolve? (Photo)

I am about 19 days post surgery. I know you have to wait 3 months until you really determine and all but they seem so obviously asymmetrical that even if the implant drops, I... READ MORE

3 weeks post op, I have square and uneven breasts. Will it resolve? (photos)

I had BA/BL and tummy tuck after massive weight loss (120 lbs) I am still very swollen in my stomach at the end of the day which is when I shot these photos. More so on the... READ MORE

3.5 months post operative breast lift and implants. All of the sudden, red patch on nipple. Is this normal? (photos)

Had a little of this on stich line then it went away. Could stitch be healed over and inflamed or what could cause this sudden appearance of red inflammation? READ MORE

Revision, skin laxity, asymmetry and currently 304cc implants. 41-years old, 5'8, 185lbs. What should I do? (Photos)

I have poor skin quality due to 5 kids, nursing, 120 lbs weight loss. Size off post surgery & time continues to show skin laxity, decline and nipple drop one 1 side only.... READ MORE

Melting butt, saggy, flabby, albino orange peel and shapeless with cellulite; what should I do? Willing to travel (Photos)

I have already had a TT and Breast Lift and Aug. My thighs front and back, and my butt are horrid. I lost 120 lbs and I have seen much worse, but I can't deal with this. I... READ MORE

Veneer nightmare (WILL TRAVEL). Any suggestions? (photos)

Having a bad issue with 8,9 veneers for diastema! No wax-up/ pre-smile consult was done prior. (just found out routine). Dentist poured mold of my teeth to send to lab, ground... READ MORE

No refinement of tip according to first opinion. What do you think? (photos)

Doctor said that to refine tip and make nostrils smaller, it would take outside stitches and that when he fixed my over projection and the tip isn't so upturned, it will make... READ MORE

Having Rhinoplasty. Will chin just look worse? Will travel. (photos)

I have just enough Kentucky blood to have the jut jaw of the century. I am finally getting my nose fixed and am curious if I am going to need to reduce this chin when it is... READ MORE

Lipo revision necessary? Will travel (Photo)

I had back Lipo on September 20. My swelling has been insane. I asked for upper back and bra line to be addressed. The doctor said he went to town on my back. Does it look like... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty issue! Not impatience on results/swelling, hard lump between eyebrows. (photos)

Had Rhino/Septoplasty Dec 2. 1st day had lime size edema palpable that now reduced to nickle size hard, bony lump with edema causing no curve in radix/ glabella area. More... READ MORE

42, Facelift or Minilift? Will travel! (photo)

I lost about 118 lbs 5 years ago and it's taken a toll on lower face along with normal gravity. I have some neck laxity & jowling. My face used to be a pretty heart... READ MORE

Brow lift or Blepharolplasty? Eyelids sagging. Will travel! (photos)

I am starting to see some sagging on my eye lids that wasn't there in the past. I get botox in my forehead, but it has worn off and I am not sure if this is a brow lift issue... READ MORE

Incomplete eye closure after blepharoplasty? Is this permanent? (photos)

I just had a lower facelift, necklace and upper bleph. My eyes were OK at first, but at the three week mark I noticed that my left I would not close. IMy eyes constantly dry... READ MORE

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Jysusan, I would love to see a review from you. We don't have a lot of guys doing reviews for Dr. H!! You can always cover the eyes to remain anonymous. We are going to have to come up with a name for the Harley men...... READ COMMENT

First of all, THANK YOU for the honesty. So many people have the same issues and so many don't talk about it. I had the bunching behind my ears and one particular knot was worrying me. I didn't mention it as much in my reviews because I... READ COMMENT

Hey, Venus! I saw you in my feed commenting on this and said "There is a Fisher angel!" I hope you are feeling loads better getting ready for that scar revision. Your microblading review is my fresh reading right now. You need to be a... READ COMMENT

I am just patiently waiting for my lip function to return. The eye issues are there and I wait for them to improve. I am just glad the dryness has gone. I will be really happy when they aren't open when I sleep and Dr. H fixes the brow... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much. Patience is key in this. I do love my results very much and definitely didn't expect perfection, but also did not expect a "slight risk" to turn into a full blown lip palsy especially with Dr. Harley's level of skill.... READ COMMENT