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The Best Thing I've Ever Done for Myself - Bellevue, WA

I had hated my breasts since puberty. They always seemed 'wrong' to me. I tried to love them (many trips to 007b.com), but I'd slowly been getting more and more depressed about my situation. Although I was successful scholastically, worked out and ate correctly, volunteered my free time to good causes, and had a job that I loved, I still felt as though I was not enough. I had not been fully... READ MORE

Invisalign Express is Worth It! My Teeth Look Amazing - Washington

I used Invisalign Express for a treatment of post-braces teeth. I had broken my retainer and had to wait to get a new one, so my teeth moved. I love my treatment results, and I have experienced very few negatives (I am sure that it is because I only had to go through 8 trays, one button and had a spectacular orthodontist). I never have to be sad about my smile again. It was painful at... READ MORE

Questions from a_a_a

Breast Implants or Mastopexy to Lift Areola?

I've always disliked how low my areola on my breast. However, my actual breasts are not sagging, which makes me wonder if Breast implants would provide enough of a pseudo... READ MORE

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I think you might fix your sentence to say that you prefer 'attractive' breasts. Many breasts are 'real' and do not fit your description. READ COMMENT

This site should not be showcasing unhealthy tans without a disclaimer. READ COMMENT

I am sure that you are beautiful the way that you are, but you shouldn't need to be unhappy with your body. Life is too short to make sacrifices that you don't need to. READ COMMENT

I actually do have scars around my areola, but they are difficult to see in photos (and even in real life). I had a benelli mastopexy operation, but it was a rare case that didn't necessarily require an implant. READ COMMENT

Hi, katiec. No, none of the doctors I saw tried to pressure me into breast implants. All of the doctors I went to DID ask if I was comfortable with my breast size and told me that it would be an option in the future if I so desired it... READ COMMENT