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Hello TBF, welcome back although I would rather not be saying that. I completely understand the not being able to deal with it thing. It does get very tiring. Pneumonia? That's terible. I really hope that you're feeling better... READ COMMENT

Heh, yes EC and HWT, I feel the same. Freaked me out so I left the exercises alone. Also have a Tua Vis and left that alone too. Advised against it by Neurologist. However, I have started doing a few facial exercises around my eyes... READ COMMENT

Hi uncool, thanks for that fab info. I'm just trying to understand this detox programme. I thought we were unable to eat tomatoes? Can we eat all veg as long as it's cooked?? Many tanx xx READ COMMENT

Heh eyeschicago. Just catching up on all these posts. Your post touched me. This is terrible, but not the hardest. I had actually put it behind me for a while and even started dating men. even felt a little bit pretty again. I... READ COMMENT

Hello Uncool, I just had a question for you with regard to the programme. I'm sorry i'm sure you're receiving so many. With regard to the Sauna, do you go to a salon? I can't seem to find any here in Paris, they must exist. I was... READ COMMENT