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Minimal Chance of Rippling with Small Saline Breast Implants?

I'm 24 and going to be getting a periareolar breast lift with breast implants. I'm happy with my size and wouldn't even mind being a little bit smaller. I'm currently... READ MORE

Achieving Upper Pole Fullness Possible with Smaller Breast Implants?

I was told that in order to achieve upper pole fullness restoration I'd have to get breast implants with my breast lift. It was suggested that I get a lift with 175-200cc... READ MORE

Breast Lift Type for Little Upper Breast Volume?

I've recently come across information on 2 breast lift techniques: the pectoral muscle loop lift and the mesh bra lift. It's stated that these techniques aren't for everyone... READ MORE

Silicone Breast Implants to Get More Upper Pole Volume?

After spending months and months doing research and getting opinions and a few consultations, I have decided that I'll need to get breast implants with my breast lift. I'm... READ MORE

Why Are Tummy Tuck Incisions So High?

I've been to 3 consultations and have looked at numerous pictures on the internet from all over and it seems as though the Tummy Tuck incision is very high.It doesn't look like... READ MORE

Smallest Breast Implant Dimension for 13-centimeter BWD?

I have a BWD of 13cm and I lack upper pole fullness. I don't want to go up a cup size (34B) but rather, fill out the deflation in the upper region. I'm going to be getting a... READ MORE

Why Don't Surgeons Use Breast Implants Less Than 250cc?

Breast implants come in all sorts of sizes but in my experience I am noticing that surgeons generally don't like to use an implant that's smaller than 250cc. For whatever... READ MORE

The More Breast Tissue You Have, the More Ccs You Need for Implants?

Is it safe to say that the more breast tissue you have, the more cc's you need to achieve whatever your goal may be, compared to someone who has less breast tissue? For... READ MORE

11.7cm or 11.2cm Breast Implants for a 13cm BWD?

I'm going to be getting moderate profile silicone implants by Allergan combined with a periareolar lift. My doctor is going to use the dual plane method. My BWD is 13cm... READ MORE

Do Breast Implant Sizers Accurately Demonstrate Final Results of Surgery?

When the surgeon is using Breast Implant sizers during surgery to decide on which size to go with, does that mean that the surgeon can see what the actual results of that size... READ MORE

How to Tell if a Periareolar Breast Lift Was Done if Results Are Lacking?

I had a periareolar lift plus breast augmentation done. I want to know what signs should there be to prove that a lift was actually done? Should the collarbone to nipple... READ MORE