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For Me Fat Grafting Definately NOT Worth the 4 Grand!

Crooked, overfilled, bumpy. I was a good looking woman that wanted some fat replaced over my previously high, fine cheekbones that I had lost. My cheekbones of course were still there but some of the fat of youth was thinned.The doctor did not do anything we had discussed. I was completely overfilled in my now dumpy, low, chipmunk cheeks. I have a ridge in front where it was overfilled and... READ MORE

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You look amazing hon, Did you left your piercing in throughout the procedure. READ COMMENT

Your link for Dr Simeons pdf is not right hon. In the link Dr Simeons is spelled 2 different ways. Is is SImeons or Siemons? Do you have the correct link. Tried spelling it different ways but no go. I loved reading this...you write very... READ COMMENT

Oh hon I am so sorry this happened to you. I hope you have had some resolution by now. I do know just how you feel, because this is exactly what happened to me. Except I had fat transferred to my face not breasts. I was not only... READ COMMENT

Your work looks beautiful hon. The girls are very perky too!!! Does Dr. Thomas A. Pane charges you for revision. I don't mean if you decide to be bigger and go in for another surgery...I mean if he made a mistake of something not... READ COMMENT

Oh hon why are you not sure? Or rather should I ask "Are you still not sure?" I think very early on in your healing your results are beautiful, and I could see you were already looking SO much more like your wish pic! I hope you are... READ COMMENT