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Seriously,I think you are being a little unrealistic about two things: First, the amount of weight you gained since your last procedure. You didn't just gain "some" weight, straight up, it looks like quite a bitt. Second, your... READ COMMENT

Well, I'm going to try this Lapex thing. I'm 47 and in good shape. I can't say I'm a fitness queen,but I sure can hold my own with most. I have very good muscle tone up top. Serious guns and when it comes to my stomach, I get about... READ COMMENT

That sucks what happened to you, Ireland. There's no other way to look at it. Just sucks. Hope you're able to save up again, get your blood work up to par and make it back out to Prague eventually. READ COMMENT

Wow...your belly crease is all gone now. I think you got great results. However just thinking about all that 'leakage' business gives me the willies and is making me rethink my desire to have lipo done. READ COMMENT

You look like a completely different person. Very nice. Definitely a worthwhile investment in yourself. So glad it worked out for you. READ COMMENT