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Hi Alz, yeah she probably is going ahead with it but not for a little while. We're going to travel around Australia in the new year and she wanted to be completely recovered by then but your frank and honest post op account has made... READ COMMENT

I know a lot of people have said it but you really do look good. Not that you didn't already but you look amazing now. READ COMMENT

Ok, it's good to know you're alright. I was just interested in your case as I have a good friend the same age as you who is probably going ahead and having the same procedure. I don't think she needs it, nor you for that matter but I... READ COMMENT

How are you? We havent heard from you for a little while. Hope you're coping and back to normal. READ COMMENT

Hang in there, I'm sure you'll be fine. To be honest I think you're a bit of an inspiration to others. Your honesty and openness to share your experience before and after the op is truly refreshing. I'm glad you have told us the... READ COMMENT