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Restylane: Too Much $$$ for a Non-lasting Result

Restylane only lasted me 2 months.  I have had the injections done by 2 different doctors (one injected very deeply and one almost at the skin surface).  It made no difference because after about  2 months, the deep lines around my mouth started to show and by 3 months they were... READ MORE

Doubting my Decision - Pennsylvania

I am 3 weeks out (jowls and neck) and so far, I see nothing -no improvement. Many of the patients write about seeing immediate improvement but I cannot say I noticed any difference. I am hoping that I will see a firmness when I approach the 2 month date, but I am getting doubtful, thinking... READ MORE

4 Reconstructive Surgeries After Double Mastectomy - New York

I'm writing this just after my 5th operation in less than one year. I have access to the best hospitals and doctors in the US. My surgeon in known to be #!, top rated reconstruction surgeon in the city. Now my story: On May 7.2015 I had a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with... READ MORE

NIPPLE RECONSTRUCTION - Scabs That Form After Procedure - Philadelphia, PA

It is now 7 weeks since I had nipple reconstruction done. Originally, I had a latissimus dorsi flap done May 2015. The skin was used from the back to create a round area (which will become the areola), and nipple. I had a nightmare YEAR, filled with setbacks and complications (seromas,... READ MORE

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Why Some Docs Inject 2-4 Wks After 1st, While Others (like Mine) Wait at Least 3 Mos?

Since Sculptra results take at least 3 months to show, isn't it more prudent to wait for at least the 3 months, or even more, for further injections, since the collagen... READ MORE

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I share your pain. I had a double mastectomy last May 7, (hard to believe this all started one year ago and I'm not finished)..... and after 4 more surgeries , the last being April 6, 2016, I am also monitoring, waiting and hoping... READ COMMENT

I agree 100% - same story from me! READ COMMENT

Amazing in such a short time! READ COMMENT

You and I have similar face structures with little fat. Ultherapy might work with fatty necks or jowls, but on thin faces, all it does is create more sagging skin. It did not tighten my skin and just like yours, made it worse. So,... READ COMMENT

I agree100% - It's terrible! READ COMMENT