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Not a Dysport Fan - Tennessee

Had about 100 units of Dysport for 11's and to give a little lift in the brow area. The 11's are mostly gone, but after about 5 day my left eyelid started to droop. The vision in that eye is also a little blurry. And no lift in the brow area. I have had Botox for this several times with no problem whatsoever. I won't be doing Dysport again. Think I will stick to Botox. The drooping... READ MORE

Botox - Nashville, TN

I love the results that I get from Botox. I do tend to get headaches from it though. They don't start until the Botox takes effect. I just seem to constantly fight it and try to scowl even though I can't. This results in tension headaches which I can control with the muscle relaxer that I take for headaches anyway. I am hoping with continued use I will train myself to stop fighting it... READ MORE

Closed Capsulotomy

I am still happy that I had implants just now concerned about them. I had very little pain and a good experience. I do wish I had gone a little larger. I would also consider silicone if I ever have them replaced.I recently went to my surgeon because my implants had ripples in them. I thought it was because of weight loss. The surgeon said I had capsular contraction. The next thing I knew my... READ MORE

Questions from smsg

How Long After Having a Vitalize Peel Should You Wait Before Having a Yag Laser Treatment?

I am having a Vitalize peel and want to schedule a Yag gentle laser some time after. How long should I wait between treatments? READ MORE

What Happens if You Have Dysport and Take Muscle Relaxers?

I just got Dysport for the first time. I read that you shouldn't take muscle relaxers with Dysport. What are the complications of this? I take Soma for tension headaches. READ MORE

How Do You Correct Eyelid Drooping from Dysport?

I had Dysport injected one week ago to give me a little lift in the brow. About 5 days in I noticed some drooping of the left eyelid and haven't really seen any brow... READ MORE

Recent comments from smsg

It probably returned in 6mos to a year. I've had them "popped" twice. The second time she couldn't get it all and I was able to get a little more myself. I'll post here when I get a chance to get back to the office too. I've had mine... READ COMMENT

I never had any problems but it has returned. The last time I saw her I had one side that she couldn't get the scar tissue to break up. I was able to get it myself a little. I'm sure this isn't advised but I did it anyway. I need to... READ COMMENT

Yes you do inject it yourself... READ COMMENT

Yes your skin naturally exfoliates but your tan does not come with it. The tan is deeper and will have to fade and not slough off. Anyone can Google the Fitzpatrick skin type scale. I am a redhead and was a Type I before Melanotan not... READ COMMENT

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