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I got latisse yesterday bit after I did a little bit of research, I think a product that could change the color of your eyes PERMANENTLY is not a good product. I have light brown eyes and I'm afraid for turn them black. Is awful. Is it really worth the risk for have longer eyelashes and get... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty/Turbinate reduction journey Vladimir Grigoryants....California/Los Angeles

Hello friends: I am not sure how to use this website, but I am looking for if not the best one of the best doctors in any part of Los Angeles, SanDiego, or any city closer. I am thinking in Beverly Hills Profiles with doctor Jason Litner, does anybody knows about him/them? I would appreciate if... READ MORE

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But yes in person is a little bit better, maybe not as great as in pictures, but yes.. is def. better than other days. NO doubt READ COMMENT

Thank you so much Dollfaze!!!! Well I think def. could be some lighting helping here, but def. there is also less swelling this morning, today I felt like my nose was almost back to normal, but when I took pictures looks a lot bigger... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much Dollfaze you are my fav. doctor. Yes I really hope goes down to the point I am happy with, I changed the way I sleep yesterday and my nose showed a lot of Improvement this morning is crazy. Looks like is just very... READ COMMENT

Ahhh thank you so much for your advice, actually, something really weird happened. I was thinking about your advice yesterday night, I was so tired and I thought what if it is the way I am taping or sleeping? Wow a miracle happened! I... READ COMMENT