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Unusual skin reaction to silicone content in breast implants. Marcusson JA, Bjarnason B. Department of Dermatology, Huddinge University Hospital, Sweden. We present a patient who had a long history of unsuccessful bilateral... READ COMMENT

Can a doctor explain this to me in a way where I can completely understand it ? The information reported at this symposium presents initial data supporting the notion that patients with exposure to silicone gel are experiencing a... READ COMMENT

The original surgery to get implants can cost from around 4500 up to 10,000 depending on the circumstances. For most though, the cost doesnt stop there..... Most people I know with implants have had at the very least 3... READ COMMENT

There are many symptoms of silicone poisening, but you see, the silicone manufactured for implants are made up of some 38 or so chemicals, all known neuro-toxins from what I understand. Here is a list: 1)Methyl EthylKetone ... READ COMMENT

Beth, you are right, people should know just how expensive it gets. I know that mine was around 60 thousand back in the 90's and that didnt include all the doctor visits, MRI's and labs and all, that was just the multiple surgeries... READ COMMENT