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Not Sure, A Little Nervous

I had Botox injected into my forehead, between the brows and the crowsfeet. This was two days ago. I noticed some swelling yesterday, day 1. Today day 2 and my left eye is very swollen. I feel a little numb in my cheeks and I still feel pain where I had the injection in the middle of my brow. I also see a little blurry. I've read that after the first time you can get some swelling of the... READ MORE

Love My Invisaligns. After 13 Months, On My Retainers Now- NYC

I've had my invisaligns for 6 1/2 months now. It was a little rough going at first. I lisped, one of my teeth was really turned, I have eight buttons, the invaslign didn't sit properly over the really turned tooth so I needed dental wax for the first two months. I got used to them really quickly! My bottom teeth are finished already, I have another six months for the top. No one... READ MORE

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It will be fine!!!!! I just finished my treatment and have been on the retainer for two months now (which I still wear 24/7). I had a mouth full of buttons. In the beginning, I had to use dental wax because of the way my teeth were... READ COMMENT

I don't understand why your doctor will not give you all of your trays. You paid for them. Find yourself an invisalign dentist or orthodontist where you moved and just pay for office visits. You should be almost finished by now. ... READ COMMENT

Don't worry, by day 3 it won't be painful anymore, and not all trays give you that problem. I had 28 trays. A few of them were worse than others and it hurt to take them out for the first 2 days of the aligners. I had 8 buttons. By... READ COMMENT

Tomorrow will be week three. The left ptosis is no worse and no better. The doc gave me shot to weaken the muscles by the eyebrow to lift it (whatever he said, but it's to help life the eyebrow). It's not terrible, I can live with... READ COMMENT

They have to make spaces between some teeth for some people, it's as if the enamel is being shaved. I had it done a few times. I had my treatment for 13 months, I was vigilant about wearing my trays for the recommended time. ... READ COMMENT