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Dark Spot After Juvaderm Ultra Plus in Marionette Lines

Pro:fastCon:not happy with results, at least not yet- worried about this dark spot/(hopefully a bruise) didn't give me the seamless look I was hoping for on one side and it was expensive, tooWhy:wanted to look younger Hi I had Juvaderm ultra plus placed into my laugh lines/marionette two days ago and now on one side, it looks like there is a dark bluish spot. READ MORE

Radiesse Leaking into Mouth After Injected into Cheekbone Area? - Portland, OR

Pros: Minimal pain/discomfort and like the look Cons: worried it is leaking into my mouth!??! Have a salty taste that won't go away... Why I did it: have a rejuvenated appearance restore facial volume loss Portland Oregon I had radiesse injected into my cheek bone area a week ago, but just last night I started getting a salty READ MORE

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Best Facial Fillers Doctor in the Portland, OR Area?

Hi, I am only 28, but am considering having an injectable filler like Juvederm or Radiesse injected into my nasiolabial folds, so I don't need anything drastic. I really want... READ MORE

Risk of Death from Injectable Fillers Due to Embolism?

I am really interested in getting an injectable filler such as Juvederm, but am paranoid as to the risks involved. Today, I just read online that if the doctor accidentally... READ MORE

Radiesse Causing Salty Taste in the Mouth?

Hello,I had Radiesse injected into my cheek bone area a week ago and just last night a salty taste developed (only on one side of my mouth). It has continued to this AM. I am... READ MORE

Looking for Facial Filler Expert in Portland, OR Area?

Hello, Could someone please recommend an excellent DR in the Portland, OR area to go to for facial fillers? Thank you! READ MORE

I've Read That Using a Vibrator Will Help to Break-up/smooth out Radiesse? Please Tell Me It's True!

Although embarrassing, I hope this is true. Despite going to a board certified FACIAL plastic surgeon (I also contacted the state to be sure he didn't have any... READ MORE

Radiesse Does NOT Last on Me- Could It Be Possible That Perlane Will?

Hello, I have spent several thousands on Radiesse now trying to achieve high cheekbones. Sadly, I seem to just eat right through this product! It literally lasts 3 months at... READ MORE

Can Someone Recommend a Facial Plastic Surgeon in the Portland, Oregon Area?

Hello, Could someone please recommend a facial plastic surgeon. I am interested in a doctor that specializes in face work- injections and possibly cheek implants. Please also... READ MORE

Radiesse Injection Technique-internal (Through Mouth) Vs External?

Is it true that it is safer to have Radiesse injected externally rather than internally (up through the mouth into the cheeks)? I am very worried about nerve damage or worse:... READ MORE

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I am also still looking for a recommended Dr. in the Portland, OR area...Sorry, I don't have anyone to recommend. Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you! READ COMMENT

Hi! I agree! I am so upset with Radiesse! It does not last! I have spent so much $$$ only to have the results dissipate in a couple months! Have you found an alternative that lasts longer for cheek augmentation? Thank you and all... READ COMMENT

Update: It was just a bruise and the results look better now. Thank you! READ COMMENT

Thanks, yes I of course did extensive research before deciding on a provider. He is one of the highest recommended board certified facial plastic surgeons in Portland, OR.... Have you had any salty drainage in your mouth? I think... READ COMMENT