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Dear Kansas, I wasn't able to see any "before" pictures...but you look fabulous now. I have no idea what those comments are about. Enjoy your great look. READ COMMENT

OH YES I cancelled. I was told that just because others took longer to heal, doesn't mean I would. This is after I told him we had a very expensive, special holiday cruise coming up in less than 7 weeks. These people obviously... READ COMMENT

I have to really wonder. Everyone on this site has said that there is a long recovery time. I have (had) and appointment for Tues, Nov. for consultation. I told her we had a very important Holiday Cruise coming up in Dec. and she... READ COMMENT

I watched the whole "Paid Programming" this morning and really thought it would be exactly what I was looking for. Have an appt. for a consultation on Tuesday. I actually came across this site looking for confirmation. Thank... READ COMMENT