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I would love to see your comment that also was a scam - how do I find it? Martha 1956 READ COMMENT

I am so sorry to hear about this Fla. Dist. Attr. I remember when I talked to him, I told him I settled with LSL, so I would not be able to be a witness in court, he said it didn't matter what I signed, if I got a subpoena I could go... READ COMMENT

Yes, I agree, but when you get no results & added scars you never had before, someone should have to pay for such mistakes. I know that there a lawyer in Florida who was contacting others in other states & they were going after LSL. ... READ COMMENT

You got rail-roaded for sure, & isn't that a shame. You should really give me your phone number, I fought them tooth & nail, and got money back, & I also signed the same agreement. You talked to a bad lawyer. Was there anything in... READ COMMENT

Hi, Did you know there was a class action suit against LSL from women in Pa., but because of a technicality they lost the suit. Very sad. I thought by now they would be making real changes. My surgery correction was $26,000. I... READ COMMENT