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Wish Pics - Brooklyn, NY

I'm new to Real Self but I love it!!!! It's like an online family lol. This site is extremely helpful. Making the decision to go under the knife is no easy task and I'm grateful for sites like this because it helps you connect with others like myself. I haven't posted any wish pics so I will now. I do not want a bum you can see from the moon but just enough! Tell me what you think.......... READ MORE

List of Things You Need to Prepare for Your Surgery - Brooklyn, NY

Hello RS! I am a 22 year old female who's looking to get a BBL done. I'm set on what Dr. I would like to go to (Baez) but I have a few concerns with traveling overseas. I live in nyc and everything is extremely expensive! I would love to do it hear but I haven't heard much about any PS out here. I'm sitting here trying to complete a list of things I will need.... Any suggestions? Thank you... READ MORE

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Is there a good BBL surgeon in NYC?

Hello, I'm a 22 year old female who is looking to get a BBL done. I have been shopping around for quite some time now and I still haven't came across a plastic surgeon who I am... READ MORE

How should I begin/prepare my journey to get a BBL?

Hello, I am a 22 year old female. I am looking to get a BBL. I need a few pointers and tips on how I can begin this process. I have researched some doctors in DR as well as NYC... READ MORE

How long after a Brazilian Butt Lift before you can go on vacation?

Hello! I plan on getting a BBL done in November and plan on going on vacation in January. Is it safe and possible that I can go on vacation? READ MORE

Are there other ways you can get a breast lift?

I have been looking into getting a breast lift, but I am afraid of how they remove your nipple when doing so. Are there other ways they can perform this procedure? READ MORE

Vi peel for pores and acne scarring? Would this procedure help with what I'm looking to improve?

I was considering getting a vi peel to reduce the appearance of my pores on my face and to remove acne scarring. Would this procedure help with what in looking to improve? I am... READ MORE

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I will definitely update some more... Hasan is a great dr and he works wonders.... You will be pleased! READ COMMENT

Sorry I haven't updated but I will. I was just trying to recover. All is well thank you Hun. I will update as soon as I can READ COMMENT

I finally resolved everything, thank god! I was going crazy in my head. Thank you for your concern love. READ COMMENT

Yes I leave tomorrow morning!!! I deff will keep you updated.... READ COMMENT