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OMG! The same situation for me! I saw results right away on abdomen area but not on arms at all. I still have my "bat wings", as they are referred to at times. Have you had any response to your question, on how long does it take to see... READ COMMENT

I too was more sore than ever expected & still wear compression garments for 12 hours a day. I actually feel better with them on then off, although not exactly comfortable much anymore--just tired of it! Oh, and its' been 5 1/2 weeks... READ COMMENT

Just found out from my dr that the burning is nerve damage caused by the canulus (spelling??? the tool they use to go in with & melt the fat, etc) bumping into the nerves & causing bruising, thus having the nerves to regenerate there... READ COMMENT

How does one find out about who performs the lymphatic drainage? I'm in the Houston area. READ COMMENT

Yes! I agree on not having smart lipo on thighs.I have heard only bad results. Tempted to do the inner thighs, but always keep hearing bad results. READ COMMENT