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You only had a year to sue him, why did you not do that? Did you report him to the AMA and your states malpractice board? There were steps, however I have never seen anything that awful, I have no idea if he hit a blood vessel and you... READ COMMENT

Again, why would you show up if they cant be bothered to call you with something so important. You dont even see a red flag with that and are going to allow someone to cut into your face. I cant believe some of the stories Ive read here... READ COMMENT

Can you imagine having surgery, major surgery on your face with all the facial musculature and nerves and not having pain shots? I wonder how did you ladies think that out patient surgery was going to happen with out some form of pain... READ COMMENT

Lifestyle lift wasn't even around 7 years ago was it? I just can't believe anyone wouldn't do a background check on someone who was going to cut their face and change their appearance PERMANENTLY. It strikes me as almost childlike. Why... READ COMMENT

This is major surgery, if you want to get this fixed go stand outside the medical office with a sign and tell them you will be back until they pay a board certified surgeon to fix your face. A friend of mine had this, it took 10... READ COMMENT