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Is There a Surgery That Lifts the Corner of the Eyes?

I heard about a surgery that elevates the eyes like a doll (the corners). It's in the temple area. Do you know the name of this procedure or this is true? I don't know how to... READ MORE

Canthoplasty or Lateral Canthopexy for Young People?

Does canthoplasty or side canthopexy surgery work for young people? Do they help improve self-esteem? READ MORE

Cat's Eye Look Surgery?

A friend of mine told me that there is a surgery called the "Cat's eye look" that makes eyes look sexy and attractive. Is this true? READ MORE

Cheek Lift to Make Eye More Almond-shaped?

Can Cheek Lift elevate the corner of the eyes to make it more almond type? How does it work? READ MORE

What Surgery Makes the Eyes Bigger?

I was wondering if there are any procedures to to make eyes bigger. READ MORE

Cheek Augmentation with Injectable Fillers

Can cheek augmentation with fillers make a dramatic change in your face? Thank you so much for answer. READ MORE

Can I Get the Same Results of Silhouette Threads with a Liquid Facelift ( with Fillers )?

I want volume and lifting on my face I'm only 28 but my face is very flat, can the liquid facelift help with the same results of Silhouette threads, also can the liquid... READ MORE

Canthopexy Done ?, and How Much Does It Cost ?

It's ok being 31 years old and having canthopexy done ?, and how much does it cost ? READ MORE

Can You Make Eyes Bigger with Injections?

Can you make eyes bigger, fatter with injections my eyes are not that big for canthopexy i think could you please give me your honest opinion Thank you so much ! READ MORE

How much will Canthopexy cosmetic surgery cost?

How much does Canthopexy cosmetic surgery cost? I've looked EVERYWHERE on the internet and no one will answer my question. Thanks READ MORE

Is There a Surgery to Make Your Eyes Bigger?

Is There a Surgery to Make Your Eyes Bigger? READ MORE

Artefill for cheek augmentation?

Can you inject artefill with a patient with tendency for thick scar formation (hypertrophic scars) and/or excessive scar formations (keloid scars READ MORE

Can the lateral canthoplasty in small medium eyes make exotic eyes?

Can the lateral canthoplasty in short eyes makes them exotic READ MORE