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First Stages-Sinus Lift-Bone Graft-Implants - San Diego, CA

Over the years being a single Mom I have opted to have a few teeth pulled instead of having expensive root canals and crowns. I really had not choice because of money. As the years have gone by my teeth have started to shift and because I am missing two on the upper jaw in back and three on the lower jaw in back I have been using my forward teeth to chew on which of course you should not do... READ MORE

My Eyebrows Arch for the First Time in my Life

Could not be happier. 65 Units the first time-my eyebrows have always gone straight across. My provider gave them a small arch like a mini lift. Line in forhead gone and my crowsfeet look like they did 15 years ago. I also had a couple units by my mouth because it pulls downward making me look like I frown all the time and creating deep lines.I have also had Juvederm by the same provider... READ MORE

Wish I Had Done This Sooner

I have thought about improving my apperance for years now and finally after a lot of research took the plunge. After reading on here I nearly read myself right out of doing it. I took all my questions (many) with me to the Doctor who I research throughly( also saw him on TV local news) and have had Botox done by him prior.I had two syringes for my severe nasolabial fold, creases in upper lip... READ MORE

Five Years Later-best Decision Ever - La Jolla, CA

It is a bit over 5 yrs ago that I had a lower-body lift and tummy tuck. Please know this is MAJOR surgery. Do not look for the best deal look for the best Doctor. I met with him several times, talked with others he had worked on and asked many questions and had them all answered. The one thing I did wrong was not rest like he told me. This created abdominal swelling and an impacted... READ MORE

Questions from butterflyinthewind

How to Avoid Bad Eyelid Surgery Results?

My under eye area is a bit puffy and I was thinking of having something done. I looked at a RealSelf user's review, where her photos showed she had wrinkling under her eyes... READ MORE

Follow-ups for New Botox and Juvederm Patients

Is it common to want to see a new patient within a few weeks following their first treatments of Botox and Juvederm, or is it more common to just allow the patient to call... READ MORE

Average Amount of Botox Units to Lift Brows?

How many units of Botox is typically needed to give a slight lift to the brows of a female? Thank you. READ MORE

Smoking and Dental Implants with and Without Bone Grafts

How long after a patient quits smoking can implant treatment begin? 2 without bone grafting and 2 with. Thanks for your time. READ MORE

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Yikes-I am glad you are having them done but I had the two top implants with the sinus lift and bone graft all done at the same time. 4700$ The teeth themselves are another 3 grand. I is important that you have them done as the... READ COMMENT

Gosh I hope you feel better soon-sounds terrible. READ COMMENT

Patients over the age of 65 may not experience such dramatic results. That being said 20 units to raise the brow is a large dose. I am 46 and my doc uses a total of 4 units-two at each tail of the eyebrow. READ COMMENT

No, besides the advil I did not take pain meds. I do not like the way they make me feel. As I said I was given a light sedative to calm my nerves. I did not use that for the lower two that I got because I needed to drive myself home... READ COMMENT

Botox is always diluted. However, they can dilute it more, the product could be old or injected wrong or not enough for the area. Also, some people it does not last as long on. The first reasons I mentioned are most likely the cause. READ COMMENT