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IPL Sun Spots on Hands

My hands are definitely reflecting how much time they've been in the sun these past 48 years. Ugh I have been wishing I could hide them. Fortunately Dr. Anusha has come to the rescue. I have had just one treatment so far, on Wednesday November 9th. They iced the areas where they would be directing the laser. It maybe hurt a little??? It really was not painful and didn't hurt at all afterwards... READ MORE

Dr. Alessi Signature U-Lift (Lower Face Lift) - Beverly Hills, CA

Decades ago I had to have a cyst in my throat removed and was left with a fairly large scar on my neck. That procedure, along with genetics and aging, had left the skin underneath my chin a mess. I felt bad about the way I looked. On the recommendation of a friend, and without doing much research (I won't make that foolish mistake again) I went to Dr. Cynthia Boxrud in Santa Monica,... READ MORE

Questions from Dr. Alessi fan

Am I entitled to a refund? Bad scarring, poorly resolved earlobes and I still have sagging skin under my chin (Photo)

It takes me a long time to save $10,000, which is what I spent on this lower facelift and upper bleph (including one revision). I am amazed my doc found this acceptable. I... READ MORE

CO2 Laser & Rhinoplasty: Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (Oral Herpes)- Should I take an anti viral drug as a precaution before surgery?

Next week I am undergoing rhinoplasty, lower blepharoplasty, a u-lift, and CO2 laser on my face, neck and chest. I've gotten cold sores since I was a little girl. I am... READ MORE

Surgery scheduled for 11a: can I have some black coffee & water in the morning? Will water really cause a problem hours later?

I am scheduled to have rhinoplasty, a u-lift, lower blepharoplasty and co2 laser at 11a. I am an early riser (5a) and always drink a lot of water. Doctors orders are no food or... READ MORE

Are textured gummy bear anatomical implants harder to remove?

I am seriously leaning towards getting textured gummy bear anatomical implants, as I am tall and relatively thin with not a lot of breast tissue. I hope this doesn't happen,... READ MORE

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Hi! The $300 was for one treatment (I think). I've only had one treatment so far. Anusha said I should have another treatment in a few weeks. The spots are definitely lighter. I will post another pic soon. I still have a little bit of... READ COMMENT

You look beautiful! 65??? I love your posts and many of your words resonate with me. Yes, aren't we all seeking happiness? And aren't we all, by nature, vain? Congratulations. Please keep us posted. I was so happy to see your update. READ COMMENT

Right? Who wants deep nasiolabial folds? He did that without my even asking, and without charging me anything extra. He's my hero - and quite the expert. Thank you for your kind words. And yes, selection of doctor is everything. ... READ COMMENT

Thanks Rivergirl. Yes, I am happy with the results, and I know you know how I feel because I see you had somewhat of a similar issue and your results are amazing. Congratulations! It looks like you healed really quickly and you look... READ COMMENT