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Buyer Beware, Generic (Careprost) Counterfeit

I've been using latisse for several years and LOVE it but hate the price, so I decided to try generic. I googled it and found warnings about using credit cards on foreign web pages because there had been some security issues. Since eBay uses PayPal, I decided to order it that way. I ordered 2 bottles for $25 and I received them in a couple days. The bottles were boxed and sealed and nothing... READ MORE

Laser Can Actually Cause Body Odor - Edmond, OK

I have a hair laser review on a previous experience and didn't think that it met my expectations.. Several years have passed, so I thought I would try it again and write a separate review. I did Brazilian and armpits. I have fair skin tone with thick dark hair in pubic and hair in armpits is a little lighter and not as thick. I had 6 treatments. For the pubic area Overall I am pleased with the... READ MORE

Tried a Different Dr and It Made All the Difference. - Oklahoma City, OK

I tried Botox twice before and hated it. I felt like it caused my cheeks to push up on my eye causing a lot of wrinkles under my eyes and my eyes lost their smile. This time it was dysport instead of Botox but I'm convinced the difference is because of the Dr and not the change in product. I got 20 units. She did some above my eyebrows to give them a lift and then did a really deep one near... READ MORE

44 Have Always Had Bigger Lips but They Were Starting to Lose Fullness. Oklahoma City, OK

I had been considering getting lip injections for quite a while. I didn't want to change the shape of my lips, I just wanted to plump them up and enhance their natural shape. I went to the Dr with the intention of using Restylane but the Dr acted like she only used it to fill lines around the mouth and suggested I use the silicon 1000 instead. On a whim I did it which is really pretty dumb... READ MORE

Looks Terrible when I Smile - Edmond, OK

First time I had Botox I paid $125 for 25 units. It was on special. I wanted a slight lift to my eyebrows and my crows feet treated. I'm a very youthful 44 yr old. The next day my eye brows were crooked but it leveled out by the end of the day. I liked the lift on my eyebrows and the smoother appearance of my forehead. I thought I looked really good when I had a straight face (no smile), but... READ MORE

Lipo Take II - I Just Want my Young Body Back - Oklahoma City, OK

I'm really thankful to have found this community. I have a couple friends that I tell what I'm doing, but nobody that I can really talk to about it or that understands my choices. I'm 43 yr old mom of 2. Oct 2013 I had Mini Tummy Tuck with lipo and lipo to my flanks. I wrote reviews for those, but since I'm having a separate surgery, I figured I would start a new review. At the time of my... READ MORE

Retin A is a Better and Cheaper Option - Oklahoma City

I've been using Retin A for about 4 years. It brightens the look of my skin, lightens my freckles, reduces lines and improves my skin texture. I used to spend over $500 a year on department store facial serums and moisturizers. Now I just use the Retin A and spend less than $170 a year. Since using retin A, I no longer use makeup foundation and only use concealer or powder on rare occasions,... READ MORE

I Had Ok Lashes but Not Great - Oklahoma City

My top lashes have always been about average in length and fullness, I've always had very few bottom lashes and all my lashes were very light brown. I love love love can't live without it love lastisse. My top lashes are now very long and really bring out the look of my eyes. I get compliments on them all the time. The instructions say not apply it directly to your bottom lashes but I do. It... READ MORE

Hollow Area at Back of Cheek and Jaw - Oklahoma City

My right side wisdoms teeth grew in so crooked, they caused significant bone loss up against my back molar. Overtime (10 yrs) the bone loss caused a hollow sunken area. I used sculptra and it improved this area, but it did not correct it to the level I wanted. At the suggestion of the Drs on here, I tried Radiesse and so far I'm trilled with the results. They had a special, so I was able to... READ MORE

Thought I Would Try It - Oklahoma City

I had three treatments to my bikini area and areoles. The hair on my areoles is fine and pretty light so I didn't have much expectations for it to work and it didn't. For the bikini area I have thick dark hair on light/fair skin. It def took the hair off, but it grew right back. Not as painful as waxing but similar results. If they reduced the price and sold it as a routine maintenance... READ MORE

Sculptra Injections - Oklahoma City

I've has sculptra injections 4 different times over the span of a year. My main treatment areas have been crows feet area, temples, tear through hollows (very conservative in this area) and cheeks. I have a thin face, so volume was what I needed. The results look very natural and makes me look young and fresh. I love it and will continue to use it as needed. There was one area on my face that... READ MORE

My Flanks Took on a Life of Their Own - Oklahoma City

I've always been a thin person and after 40 I was still able to maintain my same weight, but I started to retain fat in my flanks. If I wore anything form fitting they would bulge over my pants and was very noticeable through my shirts. I had tumescent done at the same time as my tummy tuck, so the price listed was for both. My flanks look a ton better than they did, but I don't think he took... READ MORE

Mini Tummy Tuck - Oklahoma City

I was a thin woman but had a mommy pouch and in my 40s, my body started retaining fat in my flanks and belly. My scar is low, goes from hip to hip and it has healed up better than imagined it would. I did have persistent seroma that would not resolve. The dr put my drains back in and soon as he took them out, the seroma would return. He then treated it with a sclerosing agent and used... READ MORE

Questions from Afnav

Will injectable fillers correct hollow area at submalar due to bone loss or do I need submalar implant? (Photo)

My wisdom teeth caused bone loss in my right side jaw. Over time, this has caused a hollow sunken area at the back of my jaw below my cheek bone. The result is a much less... READ MORE

What allergy medication for treatment of internal scarring after lipo? (photos)

I had TT/lipo oct 2013. The TT scar was beautiful on outside, but it was tacked down tightly. The tissue above it was also and I had a crease near my hip. I had lipo Aug 27 to... READ MORE

Is this knot below my breast bone an injury that I should be concerned about? What is it? (Photo)

2.5 wks ago I had tumescent liposuction of my abdomen. I had a lot of bruising and inflammation Just below my breast bone. It is so tender, I have to wear foam to protect it... READ MORE

How often should I get therapeutic ultrasound treatments for thick scar tissue resulting from pseudo bursa? (Photo)

Oct 2013 I had TT with seroma that developed pseudo bursa. It was resolved with sclerosing agent and abrading surface with lipo cannula (no suction). It left thick scar tissue,... READ MORE

Is this area of swelling at 10 wk post op lipo normal? Should I be concerned? Is there something I should do? (photos)

10 wks post lipo (TT was 2013) I have excessive consistant swelling on RH hip. Tissue was firm but has started to soften a little. It is still a little tender when massaged and... READ MORE

Will my mons pubis improve? Should I get it liposuctioned again? Any other treatment to improve my results? (Photo)

Oct 2013 Had mini TT and lipo. The mons pubis was not mentioned so I don't think it was lipo'ed. Aug 26 2014 I had lipo to stomach and mons pubis area. 4 months post op and my... READ MORE

When should I expect final result after Silikon 1000 lip augmentation? (photos)

I've had 2 Silikon 1000 lip treatments spaced 4 weeks apart. The second was 17 Feb 16. So far, I'm very pleased with my results. I've read that the silikon triggers my body to... READ MORE

Could injections have caused tingling and pulsating at left temple and should I seek medical attention from either PS or GP?

Jan 2016 I had 2 vials sculptra, 2 Restylane, 20 units Dysport and Silikon in lips. I had injections before, but not this many at one time. Toward the end the lidocaine was... READ MORE

Recent comments from Afnav

I think most people used to order from them until their payment/CC system was hacked and then it became less favorable to pay using CC on certain foreign web pages because the security wasn't as regulated or something like that. I think... READ COMMENT

Well scratch that.. royalcosmetics appears to be out of business.. website doesn't even list careprost and everything else is sold out READ COMMENT

Yeah for some reason lashoutloud stopped taking PP and CC. I have not ordered since that change. Royalcosmetics seems to come up a lot. I'll probably try that next unless anyone has better option. READ COMMENT

How long did you use it? It took over 8 weeks for me to start seeing a drastic difference READ COMMENT

I saw that too but haven't needed to order since that change. I'll have to look into it more but I don't think that gives them access to take whatever they want out. In electronic fund transfers and wires it authorizes your bank to send... READ COMMENT